Your Go-To Fall Advice

Would you like some advice for this Fall? Whether you live in Hawaii or North Carolina, this quiz was tailored for you. Get excited! Put your feet up and maybe even have yourself some apple cider in a very stylish fall inspired mug. Now let’s fall into it! (You get it? Like how you FALL into a pile of leaves during the FALL! )

  1. Despite the ongoing accuracy of our lovely weather app, how do you actually feel when you step outside?
    1. 1O degrees warmer than the weather app
    2. 10 degrees colder than the weather app
    3. It’s too late. I’m not changing again
    4. The weather is an illusion of the mind
  2. Whether you wear them every day of every week of Fall, what are your go-to shoes?
    1. The thick boots that make me trip over air: my Uggs of course!
    2. I love my Crocs with my fuzzy socks!
    3. My black booties! They never get old
    4. I don’t wear the same shoes every day. I’m not basic, sorry.
  3. We all love a great item to cover our necks during the Fall season. What’s your first pick?
    1. A fuzzy scarf. I use it as a forcefield against the harsh winds blowing off my face and ears
    2. A turtleneck. Can’t go wrong with something that stays in place
    3. Nothing, again the weather is an illusion of the mind
    4. Necklaces! If I pile more than 5 I shouldn’t feel a thing.
  4. Fall spreads a vibe to drink hot drinks all day long. What hot drink would you love to wake up to?
    1. Coffee, Fraps, Lattes, etc. I love my energy in a cup!
    2. Apple Cider, duh!
    3. Hot Chocolate. . . maybe with some whip cream and marshmallows
    4. Tea with LOTS of sugar
  5.  Now we all understand why society loves Fall, but what side are you on?
    1. The creative underwear! I love wearing Fall leaves on my booty
    2. I love sporting new outfits. Even when some aren’t as warm as the others
    3. The drinks! Seasonal drinks are my absolute favorite.
    4. The cold weather. I love the summer, but it may be a little too hot some days
  6.  Our room temperature compared to the weather completely defines us. If it was approximately 62 degrees outside, what temperature would you set your room to?
    1. 80. I love the summer and wish it would stay with me forever
    2. 70. This will always be what the thermostat is set to. No matter what!
    3. 69. (Yes, there is a difference) I keep my fuzzy robe and fuzzy socks by the door
    4. All of the above. I don’t mind paying overages for comfort

Your Results!

Mostly A’s: You’re always cold! Put on one extra sock. . . on your right foot.

            Proud of you for acknowledging the start of the cold weather! Please try to cover up. It looks like the flu season has peaked in the United States, though there has been a recent rise in the number of cases involving a more severe flu strain. Be sure to get your Flu shot!

Mostly B’s: Your chill bumps are showing through your jacket! Put on two extra socks. . . both on your right foot

            The cold is not a joke. A milder strain of flu has been the most common cause of cases this flu season. But during the last two weeks, about 60 percent of flu virus samples tested were a strain called Type A H3N2, which tends to cause more hospitalizations and deaths. Be sure to take vitamins and get your Flu shot!

Mostly C’s: You and I both know you’re freezing! Put on three extra socks. . . all on your right foot.

            Trust the weather app more and stop sticking your toe out to see if it’s cold. Also before influenza starts to circulate around the U.S., now's a good time to get vaccinated and really start thinking about flu and get prepared for the upcoming season. Be sure to wash your hands, take vitamins, and get your Flu shot!

Mostly D’s: Honestly, just stay inside. It’s not safe out there! Put on four extra socks. . . all on your right foot. Maybe even switch to your left around 3:46 PM.

            I know I said stay inside, but you could get paid to be infected with the flu. As many as 80 people aged 18 to 50 will get paid $3,300 to inhale a nasal spray containing Influenza A, or the common H1N1 strain, which produces mild to moderate symptoms. They’ll then spend at least a week in a clinic where they’ll be closely monitored. OR, make sure you practice healthy habits, wash your hands, take vitamins, and get your Flu shot!