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It’s been forever since I wrote an article and it feels weird. I kept contemplating on what’s good things to write, so I decided to write this on feelings and that no matter what they are they do matter. To whoever reading this, I hope this article opens up a side of you where you now realize that whatever you are feeling towards a subject, something, or someone that they are valid and do matter.


Do you ever feel like others don’t get you? How you ever asked yourself “Am I ever good enough?”. What about “Am I overreacting?” to something that others didn’t react to as you did. Well, I am here to say that like this title “Your Feelings Matter”.


Not everyone can feel what you feel. My happiness may not equal your happiness. My sadness may not be something you’ll be sad about. That doesn’t make you ungrateful, unworthy, selfish, stupid, etc. It makes you human. We were all made differently, and some feelings may match others, but majority will not. AND THAT’S OKAY!



It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how many friends you have, and etc. You can be someone swimming in money and still be sad or go through depression. Having it all doesn’t amount to happiness.


It’s okay to be sensitive. It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to not be okay. Don’t let no one ever say that how you’re feeling is stupid and that you’re being over dramatic about things. If your feelings are hurt by whatever was said or done, then that’s OKAY. Don’t feel guilty for feeling or reacting to something that did disturb your peace.


Your peace is something sacred. You should protect your peace and make sure that you are taking care of yourself mentally. There’s a reason you feel a way when things happen. It’s okay to express yourself to love ones and also keep in mind that others are battling things themselves and may not have time to always be the listening ears you need. That doesn’t mean they don’t love, nor they don’t care. They love you. You are loved. You matter. Your feelings matter.


Expressing feelings is a beautiful and baby you have a gift if you are a person who feels everything. Don’t let others tell you that your gift is a bad thing. Being able to feel everything is a curse, but it’s a blessing. Wear you heart on your sleeve like you do! I do! I’m proud of the young lady I am becoming. Let’s not forget the times where I’m too “emotional” or “sensitive” to people, things, or situations. It’s a beautiful thing that I can feel everything. Putting a front and hiding everything in the inside is something exhausting to do.


I don’t expect for others to see eye to eye with everything I believe in, opinions I share, or the decisions I make in life. I do expect to be love no matter what as well as they can express their concerns and I should take it in as such. Sometimes things come across wrong from others when they just have pure intentions.


To whoever is reading this I hope you find peace in accepting this part of you. I hope you start loving and caring for yourself as much as you show your emotions about things that affect you.

I hope everything works out in your favor, reach your maximum potential in life and to always remember and carry with you that your feelings matter.

Hello! I am a graduating senior here at NCA&T. I am a public relations student from Durham, NC. I enjoy romantic comedies movies and novels. I love cooking and to bake sweet treats. I am a dog mom to a spunky pup named Sasha and I am working on being more adventurous as my last year in college! Woot woot!
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