Why is Durag Day Important to HBCU Students?

Durag Day is not an official national holiday, but HBCU students across the country are proud to celebrate it every year. Here at North Carolina A&T State University students gathered outside of the cafeteria (pictured) to take the annual photo and participate in a “wave check”. The “wave check” gives a chance for students to show off their hair underneath the durag. Students at A&T love any chance to show off features that they love about themselves. Waves and durags have been apart of culture in the black community. One thing that we love to call our own. 

In today’s world, our black culture is often appropriated for a profit. What was once considered “ghetto”, is now the standard for trends in the fashion industry. Durags were once just used in black communities as a way to protect our hair, now even white celebrities are wearing them as accessories. Below, you can see Kylie Jenner wearing one as a fashion statement.

Today a durag can cost just two dollars in a beauty supply store or up to 30 and 40 dollars when designer prints such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton are added. Durag Day will always be a day for students to remember that they can be unapologetically black. We have control over our own culture. Grills, durags, wave caps, chains, braids, and hoop earrings all define our unique style. Although we are often imitated, we can never be duplicated.