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Step Two: STOP Living in a World of “What Ifs”

As we have entered the third month of 2020 (definitely don’t know how it’s already March), I’m sure most of us, including myself, have fallen off of our “new year resolutions”. Yet, it is imperative that we continue to dig deep into our brains and allow each and every unique idea to pour out. What if the one move we’re afraid to make is the move of a lifetime? What if a single pitch to the right person brought you to become a millionaire? But what if you fail? What if someone thinks your idea is ridiculous and hysterical? 

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That’s the thing! We have to stop ourselves from living in a world of “what if’s” and just DO it! As I walk in the Jordan 1's (lil drip for ya) of someone who deliberates all the “what if’s” on a daily basis, I am aware and understand that becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is no easy task. You must force yourself to open your eyes and see through your journey to your full potential. Explore your interests/ideas and never look back. Turn your “what if’s” into “coming soons” and just... create! I once asked myself, “what if I wrote articles that nobody would like to read?” and now i am delightfully writing my second article. It’s YOUR turn. YOU’RE up next in the seat of success, what are you waiting on?

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Hey hey! Known as Shay, I am a freshmen psychology student (as of right now) who enjoys eating, dancing and saying what’s on my mind. Firm believer in all things sagittarius and lover of adventure! Really.. i’m just a young black woman building my empire, walkin’ in my purpose and rockin’ my truth!
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