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Not All Men Are Bad Men

90% of men give the other 10% a bad name.

“Men will never be faithful. All men are cheaters. They are liars. Men don’t listen. They only want one thing from a woman… sex. They cannot be trusted. All of the good men are taken. Men are not s***.”

As women, I feel as if we sometimes have the tendency to stereotype men and relationships based on past experiences. We have all the opinions in our head that are negative towards men because of the last guy that screwed us over or because of situations that we’ve witnessed firsthand. But let me be the one tell you… NOT ALL MEN ARE BAD MEN.

If we continuously pondered the fact that all men are the same, we would never find the one who is truly the one for us. We have to change the mindset that we have towards the opposite sex. Hence, if we don’t change it we’ll never be open-minded to what is to come for us. Your true love is coming, I promise! Here are some tips listed below to keep an open-mind about the future men to come:

Rule #1: Never compare your next to your ex! He’s your ex for a reason. Leave him be. We have to stop comparing the men to our exes and guys from the past! It’s not healthy.

Rule #2: Set standards for yourself! Before you get into a relationship, make sure you know EXACTLY what you want from your significant other. Set standards and make sure your standards are met.

Rule #3: Be open to new experiences with a new guy! Don’t let the hurt from your last relationship define your new ones.

Rule #4: Not every man is the same so be conscious! Try not to judge him right off the back. Get to know him a little more than what he’s showing you. It’s the inside that counts. 

Read, write, and love!
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