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The time is upon us where the year is about to close out and a lot of us like to take the time to reflect on how we spent our 365 days. Majority of us spent our days stressing out over classes, crying over the love of our life, studying like crazy, working out, cheating on our diets, or hanging out with friends. Whatever the case may be, most of us always come to terms that we did not use our 365 days effectively! Now we are about to hear the New Year goals and the infamous phrase: “New Year, New Me.” People who say this usually stick to their goals for a good 2-3 weeks, okay maybe I’ll give them a month. Long story short, the new person winds up reverting back into the old person.


           I’ve found that if you truly want to kick some old habits to the curb, start today! Do not wait for January 1stto start being a better version of yourself. I began my journey of being a better version of myself in June, literally the middle of the year. When you allow yourself to wait for the new year, you still give yourself time fall victim to negative things and sometimes we do it too many times. I felt a burning desire to start over and I had to start with myself. In June, I was working on getting healthier! For the past months, I have been watching what I eat and exercising regularly. Now I have found myself in November and I have the burning desire yet again to enhance myself. I’ve noticed that I allow too many people in my life and it has become draining. I refuse to enter the new year with the same issues and people that have disturbed my peace in 2018.


I have started to purge all the negatives out of my life. Sis, if that man is not making you feel good about yourself…LET THAT MAN GO! Do not wait until January to drop him, do it now. If you feel as though you want to start exercising…GET ON THE TREADMILL TODAY! I’ve found that once I stopped trying to please everyone and only worried about myself, things started to align for me. I have a new-found love for myself because I don’t settle for less than I deserve and have started living my life, carefree. So, cheers to the new me in the same year!

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