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Lack Of Diversity at #OscarsSoWhite

In the film industry and society. Just like last year, there are many individuals, including celebrities, who are disappointed with the Oscar nominations. The Academy voted for zero Black actors in top categories when the announcements were made on January 14, 2016.

2015 was a wonderful year for people of color in films, and they definitely should've been acknowledged. Movies like Straight Outta ComptonCreed, and Concussion didn’t receive recognition, but the nominations that these movies did receive were for either White writers or White performers in the movies. The black directors and actors were shut out. As a result of the lack of diversity, entertainers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations.

The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was created and trended across various social media platforms. Celebrities such as Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith posted to social media and announced that they would be boycotting this year’s ceremony.



Unlike Pinkett and Lee, actress Stacey Dash addressed the oscar nominations in a different manner. “If we don’t want segregation, then we should get rid of networks like BET, the BET Awards, and the Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black,” the actress said.

She also claimed that the U.S. should get rid of Black History Month. Just like Dash, many individuals are failing to see the importance of the lack of diversity at the Oscars. Throughout the years, there have been different races nominated for BET Awards such as Adele, Sam Smith, and Macklemore. It’s about celebrating everyone and not just one race.

With all of  the commotion and uproar about the Oscars, The Academy’s president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, who is an African American woman, promised a review of recruitment, saying, “this is a difficult but important conversation, and it's time for big changes.” It’s truly sad that we still live in a racist society.

The lack of diversity for the Oscar nominations doesn’t give a fair or equal representation of the film industry. For years, minorities have been left out of the equation when it comes to the film industry and society in general. Honestly, the issue is bigger than just the film industry, from education, healthcare, and police brutality, minorities have been treated terribly for decades.

Although the Oscars should celebrate everyone, I believe it is important for minorities to create their own opportunities and networks so they can celebrate themselves and their culture. If no one else is going support minorities, it is necessary for networks like Telemundo and BET to continue to celebrate their people. This hashtag has definitely sparked up some important and necessary controversy. It proves that there is still a long way to go for minorities


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