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“Knowing your worth” is often seen as a glamorous lifestyle of not texting all those boys back in your phone. Its often dressed up as being better than people or thinking you are automatically transformed into Beyonce after you’ve gained some confidence and say no to things that don’t make you happy.

Honestly though, sometimes “knowing your worth” is about being lonely and concupiscent (a.k.a. lustful). How can you take yourself seriously and yet still waste your time with someone else? I don’t believe that a lot of people know their worth simply because when they want some attention or when they get lonely, they end up texting someone they have no business contacting because they want to scratch an itch. I personally don’t respond to texts from certain guys because I know that I’m not going to get what I want in the end. I know that what I want, and what these guys want, are two very separate things.

Sticking to my morals is not easy though. Every once in awhile I would like for someone to take me out to eat and pay for it, I get lonely sometimes, it’s human nature. Once in a blue moon I long for someone to kiss me goodnight and tell me everything is going to be ok, or walk me to my classes. However, I am not taking what has been put in front of me because I “Know my Worth.” It not always fun, however it’s always worth it (at least for what I want in life).

Having knowledge of your true worth is not letting anyone define who you are, and not settling for scraps of moments that only lead you back to square one. I have been in plenty of arguments with people because they so firmly speak of “knowing their worth,” however their behaviors are not becoming of this statement, or maybe they feel they are not worth too much. To the ladies out here who get that itch, ask yourself “is it worth it?”

“What’s your worth?”

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