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How to Make Spring Break Worthwhile?

Spring Break is the most admired academic tradition. How grateful one becomes as they get closer to this break. Could this be Christmas in March? A relief from all students, the time that you can finally distant yourself from school work, exams, extra activities and semester responsibilities.

  1. Take A Trip

There is nothing wrong with taking a trip somewhere new for spring break. Whether the trip is near or far, big or small just remember that this is your time to relieve yourself of everything that may be stressful and you should take complete advantage.

Possible Ideas:

  • Beach: Miami, Panama Beach, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach

  • A “Favorite” Popular State: Georgia, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania

  • The Mountains: The Hanging Rock, Cascade Mountain, Mt. Tammany

  • Go home with a college friend, live life in their shoes!

  1. Reward Yourself

Don’t want to travel? Take this time to reward yourself for your work and getting through the first half of the semester. Students work extremely hard and sometimes it is only right to treat yourself.

Possible Ideas:

  • Enjoy your family and friends!

  • Splurge at the mall or online shop

  • “Me Time”

  • Skating, Bowling, Hiking, Canoeing, etc.

  1. Pay It Forward

If you have nothing on your agenda but really want to make some money or want to just help out in your community. Take this time to make this happen, branch out in your community and make this break a positive one.

  • Network

  • Complete some scholarships

  • Volunteer

  • Complete Job Applications

  1. Relax, Relax, Relax

This is the only time out of the semester where completely wasting time is always alright. You can lay up all night, watch movies, eat popcorn and you would not be judged. SPRING BREAK equals CAREFREE. 

A whole week of complete relaxation is guaranteed to college students. It is then up those individuals to take advantage of it. Road trips, catching up on sleep, going on a cruise or attending local festivals are all wonderful ways to enjoy and make the best out of your break. This is your time! Make memories, have fun and most importantly, RELAX!

I am a Journalism student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. I enjoy the thought of expressing oneself positively through creativity.
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