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GHOE for the Non-Party Animals

“You aren’t missing anything at that party.” That’s what people always tell me.

I’m not a partier and there is this big stigma around Historically Black Colleges and Universities that they are all party schools. I am an undergraduate student and I don’t party. The only problem  is when homecoming comes around most people are out of their residence halls and on dance floors or club walls getting their ears blasted with rappers like Migos or Future. It’s just not me, so for those who are like me I have some tips and ideas for the “not so much of a party-animal” type of college students(if there are any out there besides me-I hope so).

1. Go to as many on campus events as you can

Most parties are off campus in apartments or local buildings (clubs, bars, etc.) However every campus has events leading up to the big football game that everyone is waiting for. Try to find events that celebrate school spirit without you even stepping off campus. Here at NCA&T there are events such as “Ultimate Karaoke,” The Comedy show, “Study on the lawn,” and a Student friendly Block-Party the Friday right before the football game (this year it’s titled “Rock the Block Soundstage”), this event is a outside party.

However it’s not like your usual college house party, it’s almost like the last day of a festival if anything. Most Homecoming games are on a Saturday, therefore you have a whole five days to unleash your inner “party-animal” without being in a overcrowded, hot apartment living room where the “aux cord Dj” is that guy who always tried to cheat off your test in chemistry class. By the way, he’s going to play Stick Talk and Faneto at least 5 times. The best part about on-campus events is that they usually provide food or snacks!

2. Play loud music whenever you are in your room for no reason.

This may seem kind of unethical and maybe a little inconsiderate but if your roommate(s) or suitemate(s) don’t mind (or if they aren’t there) then have at it! Play all of your favorite songs and sing at the top of your lungs to get you in the homecoming spirit! My suitemates are the most understanding people in the world. Almost everyday I blast Anderson Paak., and they don’t seem to mind. So if you need a little OVO gang or Dreamville to inspire you that’s ok.

3. Go out before Saturday.

I am not sure about other schools but here once the Saturday of homecoming is here there is literally no room on campus. This year we have over 3,000 new students on campus some are freshman, first-year, and transfer students. When you add this number to the previous student population, plus the Alumni and their families ; there is absolutely no room to park(or move). I suggest going out to a local festivity maybe twice this week . If you are receiving an education in a college town like Greensboro, North Carolina most businesses have student discounts either all year long  or just for homecoming. These business don’t have to be clubs or bars though. There are plenty community events at local parks, and community centers during homecoming and festivals as well.

4. Go to the Alumni tailgates before or after the football game.

There will be Alumni all over campus with grills! Some people don’t even attend homecoming for the game or friends ; just for food. I advise everyone to go to the tailgate areas and grab a plate, or two, or three.


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