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Fighting, Cussing, and Cyber Monday: Are You Going to Black Friday 2016?

During this time of year people are warming turkeys in the oven, putting on layers of clothes, watching the leaves fall in the many beautiful colors they are. It’s Thanksgiving, a time for family and appreciating the little things that you have. But after all the turkey is gone and your family is fighting over that last piece of your grandmother’s pie, that nobody knew the recipe to, people are asking “Are you going to Black Friday?” Here in America, Black Friday is a serious matter, and for some people and a trip that can take days for planning. and can end up in fights on WorldStar or snapchats of cashiers cussing out customers because “sorry it’s the last TV in the store and it’s the final price.”

In recent history there have been some of the most violent events on Black Friday. In some instances people have even died. There are various videos of #BlackFridayGoneWrong and #BlackFridayFights online and news reports of deaths because people have been trampled trying to get into stores. 

In situations like these people should ask themselves, “is this TV really worth jail time? should I fight this person just because there is only one xbox left in the store and my child wants it?”

It’s hard to imagine that people would go to extreme lengths just to get items that will become old in years to come, and never used again, but it’s a reality we face year after year.

A majority of the population will most likely partake in the 3 am sales, 7 am closeouts, and the notorious “50 to 60% clearance TV sales at Walmart and Best Buy” stores. It’s a rush, the feeling is “I have to be there first.” From past experiences I can say that if you do not get there first, all of the items will be gone. Although a vast amount of people will be running in stores for early christmas gifts some will stay home to avoid the chaos.

Often some people stay inside to avoid the crazy mess that is known as “Black Friday.” They are choosing alternative options such as online shopping or even “Cyber Monday.” Cyber Monday is an online event that happens the monday after Black Friday where retailers with websites slash online prices just as in stores and also there is free shipping on most sites. In addition to not having to move on monday morning, you can be safe in your home knowing that you won’t get cussed out because you grabbed the last iPad in Best Buy.

So take your pick this year. Will you decide to go out into the crazy jungle that is Black Friday or will you play it safe and spend your hard-earned money online searching for Amazon deals? No matter what you do, be safe, be smart, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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