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Did Future Start Off 2016 Right?

After having an amazing run in 2015, Future ‘Hendrix’ has started off 2016 by giving fans a mixtape called, Purple Reign. The mixtape is hosted/executive produced by DJ Esco & Metro Boomin and contains 13 songs.

As a Future fan, I was excited when I heard about the surprise release. After a first listen, I couldn’t help but feel slightly upset. Although this mixtape has amazing beats, it sounded very dark and wasn’t what I was expecting. I found this project to be average and probably one of Future’s weakest projects.

Purple Reign starts off with a short intro and then it pulls listeners in with a great track called “All Right”. The track features a cameo from Drake, and is one of my favorite tracks from the mixtape.

From there, the tape leads into Wicked which is another favorite of mine. Shortly after this is where I was disappointed with the mixtape. I found this body of work to be subpar compared to his last few projects. I felt like it was missing the energy and intensity that Future usually brings. As I listened to the mixtape a couple more times, there were a few tracks that grew on me towards the end such as “Inside the Mattress” and “Salute”.

Overall, I don’t think that this was Future’s best work and the project sounded kind of rushed. I would give Purple Reign a 6.5/10, it isn’t Future’s greatest body of work but there are tracks on there that everyone can enjoy. It’s going to be difficult for Future to top his previous mixtapes, but hopefully Purple Reign was just a warm-up and Future has some amazing new things coming.

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