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David Trevino: A Cut Above the Rest

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCAT chapter.

David Trevino is a student, flag football player, and A&T student body’s very own barber. He is juggling all of these things all while pursuing a degree in business management. Trevino started cutting hair the first semester of his freshmen year at 18 years old. Now 19 and in his sophomore year, the connoisseur of clippers, states that he really enjoys providing the very best hairstyles to his fellow Aggies. However, the business does come with its ups and downs. Trevino’s favorite part is the feeling of satisfaction he receives from his clients. The only downside is that he cannot always get to everyone in one day. Hey, A&T has over 10,000 students and speaking of big numbers, the best barber on campus plans on expanding his business beyond his suite space. 

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