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Affordable Lipsticks for Darker Skin Tones

Fall is here, and fall is all about dark, luscious lipsticks. Fall is the time to bring out marron, burgundy, and dark plum everything. Fall is a great time of the year because of fashion and makeup.

As a college student, it may be difficult to afford the latest Mac cosmetics lipsticks, but there are great dupes that can get you the same look. It also may be difficult for women of darker skin tones to find great lipsticks for their complexion.

With brands like Wet n Wild, NYX, and ColourPop it’s a lot easier to find inexpensive and amazing lipsticks.

Here is a list of four affordable lipsticks for Fall!

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb ($1.99)

Wet n Wild is a company that puts out some good product for the cheap price. This lipstick is a mix between brown and red, which is perfect for the fall. This color is a great option especially for its price. It is also a dupe for MAC’s Diva.

Wet n Wild Vamp It Up ($1.99)

Another Wet n Wild matte lipstick that it very popular is Vamp It Up. This color is dark, dramatic, and looks good on darker skin tones. I think it would make a great alternative for MAC’s Cyber.

NYX Soft Matte Lip cream Transylvania ($5.99)

This one is for all the girls out there that love a bold and vampy lip. Transylvania is a deep purple and pigmented. It looks stunning on all skin tones and is excellent for the fall. It is definitely a lipstick that will make you stand out!

Colourpop Ultra Matte Limbo ($6.00)

Brown lips have been making a huge comeback this fall season. If you’re looking for nice matte brown then Limbo is the right color for you. It also lasts a long time without coming off. It is a great product with an amazing price!

These lipsticks are perfect for the fall, reasonably priced, and an awesome way to grow your collection. There are many lipsticks out there but I believe that these lipsticks are solid options! They are definitely worth the money and will not disappoint.

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