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#supportlocal with your Christmas shopping this year!

  1. Friendship.discount

Know someone whoโ€™s into the beaded jewellery trend? Local insta-shop friendship.discount is the perfect place to create a custom piece! 

With the rise of Y2K fashion, it is no surprise that beaded jewellery has made a huge comeback. These pieces are reminiscent of the beaded friendship bracelets of our childhood, while the incorporations of chains add a modern twist on the beaded jewellery trend. 

From wooden beads to quirky vintage glass pendants, youโ€™ll definitely find a unique piece for your loved ones!

  1. Totto & Co.

Stylish, unique and cute, Totto & Co.โ€™s pieces are sure to add elements of fun into anyoneโ€™s wardrobe. This local shop offers a plethora of options; from beaded jewellery and mask chains, thereโ€™s a gift for everyone!

Their pieces are budget-friendly and high quality, suitable for people with metal allergies or sensitivities. 

The beaded pieces are crafted from stainless steel wires, rhodium-plated hardware and Japanese beads. Gold plated and nickel free gold necklaces and bracelets are good pieces for those who prefer a minimalist style. 

  1. Crystalyn

Customised crystal bracelets are the name of the game at Crystalyn. Not just your typical crystal bracelets, but also ones made with adorable cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon or even No Face from Spirited Away!

If youโ€™re looking to get pieces made of jade without breaking the bank, Crystalyn is a great place to start! While jade is traditionally seen as something more old-fashioned, their modern take makes it great for all ages.

  1. 1925.creations

Any avid crystal collector knows that each crystal has unique properties that promote the flow of good energy. 1925.creations helps you curate different crystals and quartz to manifest love and luck in your loved oneโ€™s life!

Made with opalised fluorite, lavender amethyst, rose quartz and many more, the piece named โ€œViolaโ€, is customised for positivity, focus and releasing stress. 

Pieces can also be customised with other crystals to encourage different qualities, such as peace and clarity. 

If you know a crystal lover, a bracelet would be a great way to add to their collection while also sending good vibes their way.

  1. Wink Formula

Have an IG baddie in your life? Revolutionise their makeup game with a lash bundle from Wink Formula!

Everyone knows that the most annoying part of wearing falsies is the lash glue โ€” the drying time, the goopy mess and crusty residue all over your eyelashes. Lack of practice and poor technique in using traditional lash glue could leave you feeling uncomfortable all day at best, or ripe out chunks of your eyelashes at worst. 

With Wink Formulaโ€™s Magic Liner, all of that is gone! Created from a special polymer that eliminates the use of glue and nourishing ingredients for the lashes, itโ€™s easy to apply even for those new to falsies. Iโ€™m sure your friend will be thankful for the change.

  1. Crystalline.joyz 

This Christmas, spread joy and love not only through gift-giving, but by also patronising a local business that supports and advocates for social change!

At Crystalline.joyz, you can find both ready-made pieces and custom crystal bracelet designs. With close to 50 different beads, youโ€™ll definitely be able to create a one-of-kind piece, while contributing to great causes, such as donating to individuals who are on the autism spectrum.

So what are you waiting for? Check these stores out now to get the perfect gift for your loved ones (or, for yourself)!

Laura Lee

Nanyang Tech '23

Laura is a Public Policy and Global Affairs undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Outside of class, she sings and hangs out with her three cats!