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How bridgerton inspired fashion trends

Last week, when I went shopping with my mum at Bugis Street, we came across some beautiful flower patterned maxi skirts that were an absolute dream. In the midst of making small talk, the shop owner mentioned how the trend recently has been such floral prints. There was a nagging feeling of familiarity when she said “floral prints”, and as I scrolled mindlessly through Netflix that evening, and a flash of blue and purple pastels cut across the screen, it struck me with epiphanic lightning: Brigerton

Bridgerton is one of Netflix’s top hits and is the drama version of the book series by Julia Quinn. It follows the Bridgerton siblings and their love lives, character growth and more. With the scenes set in the 1800s Victorian era’s high society, the film series features large white mansions, rose gardens and vast backyards, palaces adorned with gold and classic large windows. This is just a feast for the eyes for anyone but especially for those who love the royal and old money aesthetic. Additionally, the costuming was spectacular. It featured empire waistlines, satin gloves, gem-embroidered shoes, crowns, flowers and more. The costumes are very bosom heavy and feature half-corsets, as mentioned by the costume director, Fashion Historian Bretaña commented, which would be scandalous back in the day. So while it isn’t entirely historically accurate, it is “Regency with a twist” and it shows a fusion between Regency-era costumes and modern trends. This fusion has created waves in the fashion world, and has created many trends on social media. Here are just some of the ways Bridgerton has changed modern fashion. 

  1. Silhouette 

While empire waistlines are not entirely popular in spite of being a key part of the costuming in the show, the square neck, A-line shape and flowing skirts have been featured heavily in recent women’s fashion. With a high bustline, the empire waistline gowns create a shapeless flow to the rest of the dress. Because the top half is fitted, it never looks baggy or sloppy.  If you take a look at fast fashion brands, the indicator for what are the in-trends of late, platforms like Shein have an entire collection (Shein MOD) dedicated to such silhouettes.The detail is flattering for many and the square neck paired with puffed sleeves gives a milkmaid-esq vibe that is so reminiscent of the costume details of the gowns the Bridgerton actresses don. 

  1. Floral patterns 

As mentioned by the shop owner I encountered, floral prints are back in trend. While most of the gowns do not actually have floral prints, the overall visual of the series has many floral components, and lush flowers and bees are motifs of family and elegance in the drama. It also brings back the cottagecore aesthetic which was all the rave a few years back, but fizzled out over the years. However, with Bridgerton’s boost, it is now back in trend. 

  1. Accessories 

Accessories like stockings, gloves and hair accessories have made a comeback. Once seen as too extravagant by some, they are now seen as fashion statements or necessities in certain outfits,adding a touch of lavishness to the outfit. Like with most other trends, gloves too have been modernised away from the over the elbow conservative ones featured in the film, and instead lace gloves or even those that are cut off at the wrist have become popular. Hair accessories in the film are now being translated into hair bands and huge bows, both of which have been extremely popular, and it complements the old money aesthetic that has recently been in trend. Bracelets over gloves is a combination that was also inspired by the heavy jewellery features in the drama. 

  1. Indian fashion 

In Bridgerton season 2, since the main characters, Kate Sharma and Edwina Sharma were Indian, the costuming reflected that culture and heritage. For example, in terms of colours, dark teal, orange, navy blue and a royal purple were frequently featured. Keyhole cuts in tulip dresses and saree-inspired gowns made the costumes look regency-appropriate and yet somewhat familiar to Indian ethnic wear. 

Perhaps this could be the push that resulted in the rise of Indian fashion content makers over tiktok, with awareness raised on Bindis, delicate white flowers around a bun, gold jewellery and accessories, gold embellishments on clothing, garlands and more. It is indeed exciting to see a rise in Indian fashion, particularly since it was often associated with backwardness and it is extremely distinct from the “civilised” dressing style of western society. 

  1. Adrogenous fashion 

Following the comeback of the old money aesthetic thanks to Bridgerton, there has been a significant translation of men’s fashion into women’s fashion. Fashion items like waist coasts, loose fitting linen shirts, boots and colourful suits are back in trend. It definitely expands the fashion spectrum for many women, who now have these items at their disposable to express themselves in more ways than one. 

If you have yet to watch Bridgerton and enjoy the Regency-era visuals, you are definitely missing out! And if you are into fashion, Bridgerton’s costuming is definitely one to look out for. You can catch the show on Netflix (and they are coming back for a season 3! Exciting!) 

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