Why Not to Skip Thanksgiving


Over the past few years I’ve come to realize that many people completely skip over Thanksgiving and head straight to Christmas. The real question is why skip over such a beautiful holiday? Christmas is a time for joy and holiday spirit, yet we seem to forget Thanksgiving also has its many perks and wholesome values to it.

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to truly celebrate the All-American culture. You get to have delicious foods such as turkey and stuffing and have the opportunity to watch football. Let’s not forget about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is the holiday that truly lets you appreciate your family and friends and all that you have in your life. Think about it: when you’re sitting at your dining room table with a massive spread of food in front of you and a beautiful family around you, don’t you feel a like it’s a heartwarming moment? Also, every college student can say Thanksgiving is your first homecoming holiday of the year where you get to see all of your friends and that in itself is an amazing moment in time. The great thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s not only a time strictly for family. It is a time for family, friends, neighbors, and even mere acquaintances.

Thanksgiving teaches you the importance of being grateful for what you have. Also, it shows you the opportunity to lend a helping hand during the holiday season. So, next time you’re ready to skip over this Thanksgiving season and head straight into Christmas, think of all the beauty and values this holiday holds.