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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mville chapter.

The question many millennials have posted lately is why is it important we vote? Well, with our current President making it virtually impossible to keep both parties at an equilibrium, it is important for Millennials to voice their opinions and take a stance in the Government in which will affect them the most in a few years. According to social media, Millennials currently lean more towards left-wing politics, believing in what the democratic party stands for but only 20 percent of millennials are registered to vote according to the Washington Post. With the Midterm elections now coming to a close, it is important that in order to have their voices heard Millennials must understand that voting means more than just for a president and representation matters. With the results of this current elections, we are now noticing more representation and diversity in our house, which previously was controlled by solely the Republican Party. One of the major reasons Millennials lose faith in the Elections is because they feel as if there is no representation or change, therefore, this leads to discouragement and droppings in percentage amongst young voters. But, this was the election that changed it all with the winnings of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who won in her home state of New York and is the youngest ever to get elected into Congress at the age of 25 years old, being a Latina Women from the Bronx! Not only was this a major change in Congress but we also have the first openly gay senator, our first Native American Senator, 3 black women in Congress and 3 people under 30. All of these amazing breakthroughs in our government should give millennials the reason and drive to vote. Although one may believe that voting does not serve them any purpose or benefit them in any such way with the Trump Administration currently trying to revoke laws such as birthright citizenships and LGBTQ rights millennials and any other groups in America must use their vote in order to voice change, your vote matters!

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