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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mville chapter.

This past September, my brother got me a ukulele in hopes I could actually learn something. In my time with my trusty ukulele, I’ve picked up a couple of easy tunes!

This song is a ukulele classic. This song uses 3 easy chords – Am, G, and C, and the strum pattern is DDUDU. It is easiest to learn this when you practice the strumming and chords separately and then bring them together.

This song is considerably easy if you are just strumming down strokes with your thumb. It sounds really intricate, considering how simple it is.

This song has the same strum pattern as Riptide, but it’s a little slower. I usually time it as D…DUDU. The slowness of the song makes it an easy tune to play. Plus, it only uses 3 chords throughout the whole song.

This song was the first finger picking song I learned! If you’re familiar with your ukulele, you pick the two top strings, and then the bottom two strings, and then strum down once.

Happy playing!