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When I was younger my mom would tell me if you have at least one good friend you are blessed. Lucky for me I was blessed with the three most amazing souls a girl could possibly ask to have as best friends. Their names are Madison, Mikaila and Gabriella. I’ve known these girls for more than half of my life and saying they are my world would be an understatement. I would be truly lost without them in this lifetime. The friendship we have created through the years has shaped me so much into the person I am today.

They’ve taught me the meaning of true friendship, trust and loyalty. They are the people who have seen me at my absolute worst and still choose to love me and call me their best friend. Being away from them has been one of the hardest adjustments I’ve had to make since starting college but no amount of distance can break the bond we’ve created. I will forever be thankful for the special memories we share. From going on vacation together, to spending multiple hours a week together in dance classes I have so many amazing memories to pick me up when i’m feeling down. I know our story does just end there and I am so excited to see what the future holds for us. I’m so excited to see the amazing women we become together. I have three people who I know would do anything for me, three people who I can fully be myself around without being judged and I know that is much more than most people ever get in a lifetime. God gave me two brothers, but somewhere down the line I found myself three sisters. My life is a better place because I know them. I know what it’s like to laugh till I cry, I know what it’s like to have a second family, and I will forever be thankful for that.

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