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Alright, so let me tell you something about relationships. They’re not easy, in a relationship, there always have to be compromises made, effort shown from both sides in order to work. Let’s start with compromises, there is always something you may  have to give up in order for a relationship to work, whether it’s beneficial or not. Change can be good sometimes, if your partner sees something that might be a bad habit, they might tell you to change for the good. Speaking from experience, I was in a toxic relationship myself. I would put in so much time and effort to see a guy who never appreciated me or even gave me the time of day. It truly affected me in the long run, it made me feel like I was not good enough for him to come and see me and spend time with me. That’s not how a relationship should be. It should always be 50/50, a relationship will never thrive when it’s 70/30. You have to realize when enough is enough, you can’t keep giving your all to someone who barely even gives you attention. Especially with honesty, it is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Along with honesty, trust and loyalty are some of the most important things to have in order for a relationship to thrive. Back to my experience, not only would I come see this guy any chance I had, mind you I don’t drive, but he also would shy away from the truth and lie any chance he got. Instead of being honest with me, he would attempt to make me think i’m crazy. How does that make any sense? Once someone loses your trust, you have to realize that you can not keep allowing yourself to fall back into that toxicity. Of course it’s always easier said than done, I would know. I can sit here saying, “get out of that relationship”, “know your worth” when I continued to stay with someone who constantly lied to me, repeatedly belittled me, and made me feel as if I was wrong whenever I spoke. You must find the strength in yourself to get out of that hole and get out of the comfort that a toxic person can give to you. That is when you can focus on yourself and loving yourself again.

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