Senior Spotlight : Aliyah Zoe Oestreicher


Name: Aliyah Zoe Oestreicher

Year: Senior

Major: Double Major in Studio Art and Digital Media Production


Campus Involvement?

AZ: I’m a member of the Manhattanville Video Project, and I work at the game zone. And was an Orientation Leader for two summers.


Favorite Year of College and Why?

AZ: Junior year because I got to spend it abroad. I got to travel, study, enjoy classes and got to meet a lot of new friends.

Favorite place you visited abroad?

AZ: Rome. The food was amazing, it was like living in a fairytale honestly.


What Music are you into?

AZ: I prefer indie and alternative music. I really like Hozier, Passenger, and Death Cab for Cutie. Those are some of my favs.


Pineapple on Pizza? Yay or Nay?

AZ: Is this a serious question, because hecka no.


Favorite Movie and Why?

AZ: The Grand Budapest Hotel, because I think it’s a beautiful movie with a gorgeous story.


Catherine DiRosa