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Review: Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mville chapter.

Highlighting has become very popular within the last couple of years. Everyone wants their highlight to be ‘on fleek’ and be so bright that you can spot it from the moon. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a top high end makeup brand that is known for their brow products and glow kits. I personally love this brand and use their products daily. After such a huge success with their glow kits, which are different highlight shades put into one palette, it was time to collaborate. Nicole Guerriero is a beauty guru on YouTube who is known for her amazing makeup tutorials. I’ve personally been a fan of hers for years! ABH and Nicole Guerriero teamed up to come out with a limited edition glow kit! Nicole loves her glow so I was certainly not surprised that this was the product she would collaborate on.

The product retails for $40 dollars which in my opinion is a great deal. If you divide $40 by the 6 highlighting pans that is 6.66 a piece. The packaging is a beautiful light pink with silver glitter specs. The font is also in silver as well. The palette has six different shades that can fit every skin tone and you can even mix some! I love that they made this palette with all skin tones in mind so that way anyone can rock the glow. The shades are Kitty Kat (pink with platinum shimmer), Daydream (coral with white gold shimmer), Forever Young (pink pearl with silver shimmer), Forever Lit (platinum with lavender shimmer), Glo Getter (champagne with rose shimmer), and 143 (rose gold with bronze shimmer). My personal everyday use shades are Glo Getter and 143. They’re both golden tone highlighters.

As for the product, the highlights are incredibly smooth and creamy! It feels like butter! The way that they swatch does match how they look on the skin. All of the highlighters do have glitter specs, however when you apply the highlight it does not look like you have glitter chunks on your face at all! It looks smooth and radiant. I recommend applying the highlighters with a fan brush and if you want an extra pop, spray your face with some Mac Fix + spray!

Is this product worth it? I say yes! If you love highlight and want to have a palette option, this is perfect. However, if you personally like to only stick to one tone of highlighter I wouldn’t recommend this palette since it plays around with various colors. It’s perfect for makeup artistry kits as well.

Check out my video with an in depth review, swatches and try on! 


Shanice Peters is a Senior at Manhattanville College. She is from Brooklyn, NY. She's a Creative Writing major with a minor in Marketing and Communications. In her free time she enjoys making YouTube videos about fashion and beauty, writing on her personal blog and watching Gossip Girl. She's excited to be the Campus Correspondent for Manhattanville and hopes to engage students in her last year.