Manhattanville Frequencies: The Hip Hop Hermits

Gianni Mogrovejo and Matt Bailey are both juniors who DJ a radio show together, they also happen to be best friends and roommates.  Better known as the Hip Hop Hermits, Gianni and Matt have a passion for music, especially Hip-Hop.  The two started to do their radio show last semester, “Our friend Brianna motivated him (Gianni) to do the radio show, and seeing him do his thing made me want to do it too.  When Brianna left, we decided to do a show together.  We didn’t have a name, but we’re both very introverted in our personalities, and we called ourselves hermits as a joke, and it all kinda started there,” Matt told me, and so were born the Hip Hop Hermits.

Matt and Gianni pull much of their inspiration for music and interviews on the show from artist such as J Cole, Joe Budden, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and Kanye West. What sets their radio station apart from the rest of MVL is their lineup of interviews.  While the Hip Hop Hermits do play music, they feature many interviews with people in the music industry such as Khardier Da God (the producer for Chris Rivers), Ramah Eroc, and Louie V Gutta.

But these two don’t plan on stopping with just their radio show, the two both plan on expanding their brand.  “We were fans, and we didn’t know what to do with our fandom.  I decided I wanted my own brand, and we went ahead and created the Hip Hop Hermits,” Gianni tells me of their intentions when forming their station, while wearing a “DJ Gianni” shirt I may add.  “Right then, we started our movement,” Matt added.

“Music brought us together,” Matt informed, as they also told me they planned on continuing their show until they graduate.

You can listen to the Hip Hop Hermits Monday’s from 3-4 PM here:

You can also follow the Hip Hop Hermits on Twitter and Facebook for constant updated on who they’re interviewing, and what they’re up to!