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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mville chapter.

Dear Jasmine,

HAY GIRL! How’s Freshman year of high school? I’m sure everything’s going amazing with you now finally growing into your body, getting your first boyfriend, having your first kiss, everything’s just happening like you pictured it will be.. oh it isn’t? why aren’t you happy? you’re 14! You’re in high school, you finally made it in and in a few years, you’ll be in your dream college. The boys may not get better but eventually it does, I know right now you are probably thinking why aren’t you as pretty or as tall as her, but the people you will meet as you become older will help you fall in love with each flaw you love to point out about yourself (especially that crooked tooth in the front of your teeth you always hate to look at, your smile brightens up a room). Now about your grades, I know you have so much to live up too, with your mom literally being a superhero, from raising you and your brother alone, to managing to get her degree and still work full time and manage a household all by herself, how can you possibly live up to that? Well jas, let’s just say you’re going to be the best, law school isn’t easy but you’re getting there girl. Dear jas, I know you spread love like its oxygen but your first loves won’t be your last, this meaning your friends, boys, and even some family. You will find an amazing group of friends and they will make you laugh until your stomach hurt, you will cry but you will cry tears of joy more than sorrow, you will make your family proud, and your best friends from home will always be with you no matter where you go. You are going to experience things and travel and oh girl the laughs you are going to have just wait, and maybe you’ll meet someone, I won’t say who but they will have an impact on you that you may never find ever again, do not be afraid. You will find love and I want you to love until you find the love that makes you not question you or your worth but until then stop crying, stop worrying, stop hurting yourself, stop skipping meals, you must go through the dark sometimes in order to find the light. Until then Jasmine, focus on yourself, fall in love with yourself and who you are becoming because that person is just as amazing as you would daydream in class about. All the dreams you have come true. Learn to remove all toxic aspects from your life including those who you feel you may love forever (especially friends), you will understand why and thank me later. All in all, understand that you will grow up to be an amazing person. You are so smart and brave and those who are around you love you, I should know, I am you. So get some rest and know you are going to be just fine.


Love Always,

You in 6 years <3


PS: remember when you said you’d work with your childhood best friend at some point, lol. let’s just say you don’t end up burning the store down.


Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Manhattanville  Want to join? Feel free to contact me at 1(914)467-9567 or cheskavkola@gmail.com