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Leandra Romano ’18


Name: Leandra Romano

Major: Theatre Major/ Music Minor

Birthday: 7/13

Hometown: Peabody, MA (Right next to Salem)

Interests: “Theatre, music, animals (Otters are my favorite!), food, singing, playing the guitar, reading and working out!”

Relationship Status: In a relationship with my wonderful boyfriend (Shoutout to Bryce)

Campus activities: “I am very active in the DTH deptartment, Coordinator for the Duchesne program “Touch of Theatre”, President of Manhattanville Sound, member of BAM, and a member of the Quintessentials!”

Favorite music: “Definietly Musical Theatre!”

Favorite class: “Right now I love my Acting III class with Professor Bartolli.”

How do you think others would describe you?

“I hope others would describe me as a good leader, friend and student! I am never afraid to do anything and am always up for an adventure!”

What do you love about being at Manhattanville?

“I love the close community  that we have at Mville. It’s amazing to be able to meet so many different people, and that’s because of the small campus, and the plethora of activities and events that occur here.”

What do you hope to do after Manhattanville?

“It’s going to sound so cliché, but after Mville I hope to permantely move to the city, and start auditioning for different shows in order to start my career!”

What is your favorite thing about acting/singing?

“The thrill that I get when performing is so incredibly indescribeable. It’s nerve racking sometimes and sends a ton of adrenaline through me; it’s something I’ve grown to crave and I wouldn’t be able to survive without it.”

What has been something you’ve learned since you’ve been at Mville?

“I’ve learned to be independent. People will tell you what to do or who to be, even when you are an adult, and the only way to get through it all is to be your own person, make your own rules, and live your life the way you want to. No one ever got anywhere doing what other people told them to, and if you believe in yourself, that’ll be enough.”

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

“The first thing I would do would be pay off all of my sister’s college loans and my own. Then pay off all the bills, and the mortgage on my parents house. I would probably buy myself a place in NYC. And even though it sounds cliché, I would probably donate a portion of my winnings to Alzheimer’s research campaigns in the US. My grandmother had this disease, and I believe a cure needs to be found.”

Shanice Peters is a Senior at Manhattanville College. She is from Brooklyn, NY. She's a Creative Writing major with a minor in Marketing and Communications. In her free time she enjoys making YouTube videos about fashion and beauty, writing on her personal blog and watching Gossip Girl. She's excited to be the Campus Correspondent for Manhattanville and hopes to engage students in her last year.
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