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Finding Love While Studying Abroad – Part 1

Being a hopeless romantic, you always think about love and if you’ll ever find it. Before moving to a different country one of the things I thought about was will I fall in love while I’m abroad? Will I find a sexy attractive foreign man who’ll sweep me off my feet or do I just want to have fun and enjoy my time being here, after all my stay is only temporary? 

My first few weeks living abroad in New York was you could say interesting. I noticed that the boys here are very different compared to boys back home. The boys that I thought were bad back home were actually not that bad compared to American boys here. I was getting a lot of attention from many boys which is not a bad thing but not the attention I wanted as they were all after one thing. My first interaction with a boy in my first week here was a nice touch to what boys here were like as it was only the beginning. I soon found out that the first boy I kissed had a girlfriend and from there my faith love in America was lost. Soon later there was gorgeous athletic sweet guy who was the ultimate ladies man which I could see why. We would casually flirt here and there but nothing more and I always wondered why? He’d tell my friends he likes me and call me his wife etc but wouldn’t make a move. Something just didn’t feel right. Soon it was out that he also had a girlfriend so from there he was immediately crossed out from the list. After this incident some guy who I had spoken two at two occasions asked me over to his room which I politely turned down. A week later he posted a picture on Instagram wishing his girlfriend a happy 8th month anniversary. Yes ladies, that makes three guys who all had girlfriends. 

As you can probably tell by now ladies that my opinion on American boys drastically changed to that they’re all fuckboys with no loyalty, nice guys though. After having boys hit me up, not a single of them wanted to hang out or go for a walk or ask me on a date, it would be one conversation then straight into it- “Come to my room”. It was clear to me that what all these boys wanted was just sex. In my first three weeks here I had eight guys who made me not want anything with an American boy ever again. I was really losing hope that all these boys are the same and I won’t find one who’s not. Someone who will actually want to get to know you for who you are, someone who will take you out, treat you like a princess and someone who wants something other than sex. In my fourth week, my eyes drew to a soccer boy who I hadn’t seen before but wanted to get to know. He seemed different, there was something curious about him that made me want him. I have never believed in law of attraction until the day I asked my friend who he was to which I got a text from him that night. Crazy? Right? The text read as him telling me I’m beautiful and that he had to get it off his chest. Cringe but cute, better than just texting me and asking me to go to his room. Lol. After our first conversation that we had after our walk, yes ladies we went for a walk too. I thought maybe this is the one, maybe this is the love story I’ll go home to and tell everyone about. Maybe this is who I’ll be spending my year with. Maybe American boys aren’t so bad. After a rough three weeks with boys I started to believe that this one might actually be different…. 

To be continued...

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