Demi Lovato's Simply Complicated Documentary had Everyone in their Feels



It is no secret that Demi Lovato has been through the most. She is also not afraid to let her fans know the truth about the darkest time in her life. On October 17, 2017 Demi Lovato’s youtube channel posted a one hour documentary about her life titled “Simply Complicated”. The video has touched 11 million viewers so far and in all honesty it left everyone in their feels.


Demi struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, depression, bipolar disorder and an eating disorder for most of her life and within the past 5 years she has been sober. Her friends and family talk about how much of a low Demi actually hit, she would be high all day every day, sleep all the time and would have outbursts of anger at people she worked with. They claimed that being around her was unbearable.


In the documentary we see the dark and serious side of Demi’s past, but also the funny, loud and outgoing side that she embodies now. Demi Lovato’s confidence shines throughout the entire documentary and inspires everyone to embrace their beauty.


We also see her killer vocals that anyone would die to have. Hearing Demi sing tracks off of her new album “Tell Me You Love Me” was jaw dropping. Most of Demi’s fans can agree that this is her best album yet and it is showcased throughout the documentary. Overall, “Simply Complicated” gave Demi fans a new idea of who she is, becoming more of an inspiration than ever.