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Black Centric Media to Watch ASAP


Black Centric Media to Watch ASAP 

Being that we’ve reached the end of Black History Month, I thought it appropriate to compile a brief list of must-see, black-focused media. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there have been quite a few recently released shows and movies within the past year that have accurately captured what it means to be a black person in America. Now I know there are a lot more shows and films that will always be central to black culture, but here are a few I think this generation will certainly enjoy. I felt it was especially important to include a variety of genres, from comedy, realistic fiction, and drama to nonfiction and documentary film.



Humor, heartbreak, honesty, and good times!

We’re going to pause for a second to appreciate the rise of Issa Rae. From her hilarious YouTube series, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, comes this original adaptation, Insecure, which has risen in popularity since it debuted on HBO in the Fall of 2016.

What is it about? It is focused around the daily struggle of main character, played by Rae herself, it chronicles her relationships—romantic, platonic, and at the office—and her inner struggles. The soundtrack is killer. Show itself is comedy gold. Definitely suitable for watching by yourself or with friends!


Humor, Realness, and Childish, what more do you need?

Yes, that is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Yes, he can act, and yes it’s definitely worth watching.

What’s it about? Basically about this guy who finds out his cousin is a rapper, becomes his unofficial manager, and tries to provide for his daughter and on her mom (aka his on again off again girlfriend). Lots of silly things happen. Each episode is sure to make you have a laugh attack at least once. I’m not going to get into it for fear of spoiling the fun but just remember – Migos, drugs, and rap. There are also really sweet, semi-heartbreaking moments—kind of like what you feel after listening to that most recent Childish album all the way through.

Highly recommended that you watch with friends. Trust me, it will make everything even funnier!




This is not the movie to watch if you need a laugh or want to escape the current state of our nation.

This is serious and I’m glad that this information is being presented via documentary because there have been papers upon papers written about this subject yet still people choose to ignore or deny it.

I think this should be required viewing for everyone. Ava Duvernay is the director of this documentary, which focuses entirely on the 13th amendment, racial inequality, the story behind mass incarceration and the astounding number of African Americans in our prison system.

Definitely not the film to pick for a night in with friends unless you are all up for a lengthy discussion.

If you’re into documentaries, check out these:Dark Girls, which focuses on colorism in America including within the black community, More than a Month, which explores the need for Black History Month, and the Black Power Mixtape, which analyzes the rise of the Black Power movement.  


Hidden Figures

Taraji P. Henson

Octavia Spencer

Janelle Monae

Mahershala Ali

Not only does it feature amazing actresses and actors (that are finally getting the recognition they deserve) but it focuses on an important piece of history that has never really been on anyone’s radar.This movie tells the true story of how three African American women, Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, were an integral part of the success of NASA’s mission to get a man into orbit during the famous space race.

Definitely got snubbed during the Oscars but it is still award-winning! Just look here (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4846340/awards)

Also if you like this, I think you’ll like Fences (stars Viola Davis and Denzel Washington, two other notable individuals in the industry).




Award-winning and definitely worth the hype!

I cannot tell you how many times over the past six months this movie has been recommended to me. It’s captivating, visually stunning, and LGBTQ+ friendly. A must-watch for everyone. Also, shoutout to Mahershala Ali for also finally getting recognition in the form of an Oscar!



My heart aches just saying the name.  

Makes you want to punch through the television and slap some people silly.

A portrayal of true events, this is a love story set in a small Virginian town that is centered on an interracial relationship between Richard and Mildred Loving. Of course, the State of Virginia could not allow that to continue and they were swiftly jailed and banished. These events and the Supreme Court Case after, are all woven together to create this heartbreaking yet heartwarming journey of a film.


And there you have it, a brief list of great works of videography that can both entertain and inform. Enjoy!

Hey, I'm Laura! I'm a self-professed fangirl who reads very fast, is always on YouTube, and basically obsesses, in a good way, over anything and everything that piques my interest - such as music, television, games, sports, etc. I'm a recent graduate from Manhattanville College, where I got really involved in everything. In addition to being Her Campus Mville's first Social Media Coordinator, I was a DJ and Station Manager of MVL Radio, "The Pulse," Co-Executive Producer of Manhattanville Video Project, and a member of our dance ensemble and women's rugby club. I also worked in the campus bookstore, mentor center, and writing center. My schedule was pretty hectic, but I loved everything I did. Now I'm back home in the DMV hustling hard to make all my desires come to fruition! xoxo L
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