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Manhattanville has made changes to the academic calender this year. One of the major changes was giving students a well deserved Fall Break. Thank you Manhattanville for this drastic addition to the calender. Here are 5 reasons we appreciate fall break.

  1. Sleep, sleep and more sleep! We finally get to catch up on sleep because to be honest, we don’t get that much at this point in the semester.
  2. Midterm Recovery Midterms suck and having a little bit of time to get our life together is super helpful.
  3. Home Sweet Home!If students are lucky enough to go home, we can stuff ourselves with some homemade meals for a few days. Plus left overs get to come back to our dorm!
  4. Friend BondingWe get to spend time with our favorite people! We can finally have that movie night we couldn’t manage to plan during the week or order in and just catch up with friends.
  5. You TimeWe get to finally have time for ourselves. This is the time to be alone and to treat ourselves for working so hard!

Happy Fall Break Valiants! Have fun and take it easy!

Shanice Peters is a Senior at Manhattanville College. She is from Brooklyn, NY. She's a Creative Writing major with a minor in Marketing and Communications. In her free time she enjoys making YouTube videos about fashion and beauty, writing on her personal blog and watching Gossip Girl. She's excited to be the Campus Correspondent for Manhattanville and hopes to engage students in her last year.
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