Zoom Activities to do With Your Friends

As we enter month eight of living during a pandemic, I think we could all use a reminder of some social activities we can take part in while social distancing! Setting aside time each week for these activities with your friends will not only relieve some stress, but it will give you something to look forward to as the weather gets colder and outside activities become less available. 

Bob Ross painting 

Have one of your friends pick a Bob Ross tutorial from YouTube and share their screen with the other participants. Gather the needed supplies (i.e. canvases, paint brush, paints, etc). Everyone chat as you struggle to make your art look as amazing as Bob’s, then show off your finished masterpiece!

Workout class 

Have a friend choose a workout from YouTube and share their screen. The workout can be anything from a yoga flow to an intense full body workout. This activity will get you out from behind your desk and breaking a sweat while enjoying some social time with your pals. 

PowerPoint Night 

I did PowerPoint nights pretty regularly with my friend group at the beginning of quarantine, and I loved it! Each week we would come up with a prompt that everyone would have to answer during their presentation. For example, one week we gave this prompt: If each person in our friend group was a character from a movie or TV show, who would they be? Each person would take turns sharing their screen and presenting. By the end of the night, we were all rolling on the floor laughing!

Friend trivia 

For this activity, one person is going to have to be the leader. All other participants will send the leader 3 facts about themselves. Then, the leader will make a Kahoot game with all the facts sent into them and share their screen to display the statements to the group. Everyone participating in the game will read the facts and choose from the options who they think the fact is about. The person who gets the most correct answers wins and is the leader for next week's trivia match. 

Although times are tough, making the effort to spend time with your friends—even if it is across a screen—is so important. With these Zoom activities you will not only get some much needed laughs in your day but you will also learn a great deal about your friends!