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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Murray State chapter.

It’s finally February! And that means those awkward winter-spring days are upon us. One of the worst things during this season is feeling like you forgot how to dress yourself because of the tricky temperatures.  One day might be a sunny, roll down your windows and jam kind of day, and the other might be a rainy, lukewarm, you’re never going outside again type of day. The winter to spring transition can be the worst because you don’t know if you should fill your closet with both seasons clothing or start dressing for spring all together. Another problem can be the fact that you feel like you need to go buy a whole new wardrobe because you don’t know what to wear. Despite what you might think, you can still be stylish AF despite the awkward weather, and save money while doing so!

The Denim Jacket

A go-to piece and a huge trend for this year is the denim jacket.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you categorize your style as, a denim jacket is an overall classic look. You can make it look preppy, hipster, boho, and style it according to you.  A denim jacket is a great transition piece to have because you can wear just about anything under it and layer if you please.  If the weather is on the warmer side, you could do a sweater-tank and light jacket or a statement t-shirt and bandana. 

If you’re like me, you wish you could afford Madewell denim EVERYTHING… but let’s be real, that isn’t going to happen. Some affordable and quality places for denim jackets are H&M and Forever 21. Just because a store like Madewell is known for their denim, or is priced significantly higher, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s higher quality. It all depends on the cut, shape, and feel you’re looking for. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to look as extra with the denim as the Kardashians in their 2017 Christmas card without spending a million bucks.

Cropped Flare Jean

Photo by Seth Hays on Unsplash

The cropped jean is another transition piece to have because the straight leg and cropped hem show off a little more skin and when styled will be the perfect winter-to-spring piece. The flare to the jean gives more of a relaxed, carefree look, perfect for warmer weather. A way to take this look to another level is to get cropped jeans with patches, a fringe hem, or with painted embroidery. These add a little more glam to your look and can brighten up those gloomy spring days. Some places that have a wide range of cropped jeans are Romwe and Asos.

 Off the shoulder Tops

The off the shoulder trend has been in for a while and is everywhere, in every style possible. This is a top most of you are bound to have and is an easy top to transition winter to spring with. This is a top that can be worn year-round due to its long sleeves and “cold shoulder.” This is an easy way to stay warm and show a little more skin. Since most of these tops are seen being long sleeved, you could pair it with some high wasted shorts and booties. That way you’re not too worm or too cold. It is the perfect outfit for a spring day.


Photo by Becca Tarter on Unsplash

It’s time to replace those winter beanies and huge scarfs with light, airy bandanas going into spring. Bandanas are a fun way to accessorize as the weather starts to heat up, whether it be around your neck, on your wrist, accessorizing your purse, or as a pony tail. These add patterns and color to your outfit and are a simple way of doing so. There are many ways to style them and are found for a cheap price at most stores. I purchased two of mine at J. Crew, a pretty expensive store, for only $15. Win!! You can find simple pastel colors or bright tribal patterns.  If you’re drawn to more of a neutral palette and want to add some color, this is an easy way to do that. Places with a great variety are Forever 21, Old Navy, and are all similar in price.   

Hannah Bettag is a Public Relations major at Murray State and a Marketing minor at Murray State University. She is involved in her sorority, along with other orgnaizations. She loves music, fashion, concerts, going on adventures, and is most likely thinking about tacos!