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As anyone I’ve ever gone shopping with can tell you: I love to thrift. I pride myself on being both a bargain hunter and a very patient person, so plant me in a Goodwill with 50 bucks and two hours and guaranteed I can find you at least half a summer wardrobe, two books I think you should read, and a funky new lamp for your desk. There are so many reasons to go, and my proudest moment is when I make a convert of one of my friends who would typically only shop in brand-name stores. So, why is thrifting simply the best?

The prices

Everything is always so much cheaper! And not just clothes. You can find 50 cent paperback novels, good quality furniture for 25 dollars, and my personal favorite, an assortment of mugs, cups, and other goblets galore! My tip: thrift stores in larger cities, especially ones located near rich neighborhoods, are more likely to carry a wide selection of brand-name clothes and decor you want at a literal fraction of what the original cost.

Making it yours

My favorite part of any find, especially furniture, is putting money you would’ve spent on a new piece, on restoration of your new-to-you piece. So you found a cool antique chair for $15 that has an ugly stain? Head over to any craft store for some fabric, do a quick Pinterest search on refurbishing, and voila! Same chair, now uniquely yours.

The investment

I know it may sound odd, but I love the ritual of thrifting. Digging through piles upon piles of old-lady clothes to find that jacket straight out of Missy Elliot’s wardrobe (in 1997) is almost as great a reward as the jacket itself. Personally, I have a thing for collecting vintage glassware, so nearly every time I go out, I come home with a new vase, or bottle, or oil lamp, or whatever suits my fancy that day, and I never break the bank doing it.

For when Instagram has already seen all of your cute outfits

We’ve all been there: I like that shirt, but I know people will be posting pictures tonight, and all my social media has seen that shirt at least four times by now. Instagram is supposed to be this make-believe world where we’re all exceedingly beautiful conspicuous consumers, right? What better way to impress all your friends (and a few people you may be trying to get closer to, nudge nudge) than by throwing together new outfits on the reg for only $10, tops?

Simon Placr

Murray State '20

Simon Placr (PLAY-ser) is an Organizational Communications student at Murray State University. He enjoys playing with his pets, watching reruns of The Golden Girls, and finding new ways to annoy his friends. He is the Event Coordinator for Her Campus Murray State and can be found on Instagram as @simon_lucas98.