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The age-old debate between cats and dogs is something that is old news to everyone, but I decided to revisit this topic after overhearing someone bashing cats this past weekend. They had solid arguments as they had some traumatic experiences with cats in the past, but I wanted to argue my points for those who don’t have good reasons. And I may be a bit biased, but my cat Moose really is the ideal cat. 


1. Cats Are Easy

Cats are relatively easy animals to keep. Especially if you get your cat once they’re a bit older instead of a kitten. You don’t need to walk your cat. It doesn’t need a lot of attention and can be pretty self sufficient. They go to the bathroom in a designated area which is easy to clean. You’ll never have to take them outside at the buttcrack of dawn or in the pouring rain. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time on training. Really not that much goes into it. 


2. Cats Are Cuddly

I know this doesn’t always apply, but the majority of the time once you get to know a cat they love to cuddle. Even my cat isn’t a big cuddler, but the moments I get with him are so sweet. He is affectionate on his own time and he asks for cuddles all the time. The feeling of a cat sleeping on your chest is one of the best in the world.

3. Cats Have Their Own Personalities

It is so fun to see your cat’s personality grow as you spend more time with them.  My cat at home, Minnie, is sassy and a bit grumpy but she is very affectionate and loves to invade personal space. My cat here at school, Moose, is so talkative and loves playing with random objects around the house. What they both have in common is that they like to keep their distance from my huge dog, unless they can bat at her tail. Each cat is unique in their way of loving and communicating. 


4. Cats Are Relatively Inexpensive

Compared to some of the things you have to purchase for dogs, cats are pretty inexpensive. The major are of spending is food and litter, neither of which is too expensive. There’s the occasional vet bill but otherwise I don’t spend too much money providing for my cat. I don’t have to worry about fancy toys, doggie bags, lots of food, or grooming costs. My boy grooms himself. And Moose’s current favorite toy is a grocery bag. A few months ago it was a piece of looseleaf paper. Last semester it was a hair tie. I promise I buy him actual toys he just prefers whatever belongs to me. 


5. Cats Are Entertaining

Maybe it’s just me, but my cat is so fun to watch. Even when he’s sleeping he still does cute or funny things. He’s a little on the chunky side so sometimes he snores which is always funny. He also finds some weird places to sleep. I love seeing him watch for birds. He likes to chirp at them and he gets so exciting. Watching a cat play is also so fun. When Moose gets the zoomies I always get the giggles. 

All in all, I think it’s worth it to get out of your comfort zone and spend some time with a cat or even get one yourself. A good starting place is hanging out with the cats at the shelter or petsitting for a friend. Give them a chance before you hate anymore.

Hannah Kamman

Murray State '22

Hannah Kamman is an elementary education major at Murray State University. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, spending time outside and cuddling with her cat. She is a dance teacher and a tree hugger.
Gabrielle Gray

Murray State '22

Gabrielle Gray is currently a senior at Murray State University majoring in Elementary Education.Other than attending classes, you can find her drinking coffee at Shaffer Coffee Co., eating sushi from Market 22 in the Curris Center, or helping out around the university. Gabrielle is heavily involved at Murray State University by being one of the College of Education and Human Services senators for the 2020-2021 academic year for the Murray State University Student Government Association, volunteering for events being held around campus, as well as being a social butterfly. Check her out this Fall at the Springer housing desk, or when she occasionally works at her second home: Dan's Southern Prep.