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The Ultimate College Girl Gift Guide

We all know the stress of buying holiday presents for our closest friends––they deserve the world for putting up with you, but all you can afford is a crappy candle, right? Well, with the help of Her Campus’ Holiday Survival Kit, we have put together a pretty epic gift guide. 

The Alba Botanica® brand began in 1979 with a simple mission: to Do Beautiful. In honor of that, a line of body-loving products that are plant-based, 100 percent vegetarian personal care products that do beautiful for everyone. And for those of us in college, there is one product that we all need: a fast fix for puffy eyes cooling eye-revive gel. Finals week? Haven’t slept in three days? Writing so much you don’t even know what you’re’ saying? Well, this won’t help with all of that, but it will make you look a little more human in the morning! With cucumber, green tea and caffeine, this cooling gel immediately revives the eye, helps energize and reduces puffiness. It’s a pocket sized wake-up-call! And it’s hypoallergenic. It’s everything, really. 

What girl doesn’t love makeup? Okay, I actually know a lot of girls who hate it, but there’s got to be someone you know who would fall completely in love with Tarte (if they aren’t already, and who isn’t?). Starting in 2000 with a dream of combining runway ready makeup with goof-for-you ingredients, Tarte was born. And we’ve been singing its praises ever since. All of their products are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and vegan––the ultimate trifecta when it comes to skincare if you ask me. But what products are our favorites? We’ve got two: Tarteist™ PRO Palette and Lights, Camera, Lashes™ mascara. These two are a match made in heaven. With 20 shade options, all creating Instagram-worthy looks, this pallette is sure to please all of your makeup lovin’ friends! Want to splurge a little? Throw in some mascara to go with it. Lights, Camera, Lashes™ is our favorite because it doesn’t clump, it doesn’t feel heavy on your eyes, AND it’s good for your lashes!

Everyone loves lotion, especially in the dry, winter months. This is Being. A beauty brand that’s all about being your own self––and we LOVE that. These two travel sized hand creams make perfect holiday gifts for anyone, but especially those who live out of a backpack between classes. Big enough it’ll last more than a week, and small enough it’ll fit, we can’t recommend these enough! With scents like cloudberry and lychee blossom and salted caramel macadamia, Being is bringing fresh, new scents to everyone. And if you ask them, it’ll make “you feel 10 feet tall and smell good enough to lick.” We really can’t argue with that statement. 

Krazy Glue. Everyone needs some krazy in their life, right? Yes. Krazy Glue is a perfect snatch for those homemade holiday presents and decorations––we’re all broke college students, and parents like homemade gifts better anyway. It may seem like a strange gift, but your friends are bound to appreciate the practicality. 

And last but certainly not least on our holiday gift guide, we’ve got what might be the softest tank ever made. These #ActuallySheCan Tanks, created in partnership with Le Motto, are seriously a must-have this holiday season. #ActuallySheCan is a female empowerment campaign by Allergan, a leader in women’s healthcare, and Le Motto offers a way to express yourself fashionably. What’s not to love? But this collaboration is a limited edition one, so you’ll ave to jump on it quick if you want to snatch some up for your girl gang! Even better? If you buy before November 30, Le Motto is offering Her Campus readers a 25 percent off discount! Just use the code “HerCampus” at checkout! 

And there you have it! Her Campus Murray State’s ultimate college girl gift guide. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Thumbnail image by Tom Rickhuss on Unsplash

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Jordyn is a public relations major and film studies minor at Murray State University, where she has been for three years as an undergraduate student. She is an avid watcher of anything created by Shonda Rhimes, but her favorite is by far Grey's Anatomy. She enjoys traveling... a lot. Her favorite places so far are Los Angeles and Berlin. She really loves her dog and would adopt 50 more if she wasn't allergic. Jordyn's plans include running her own TV show and trying every drink on the menu (including the hidden one!) from Starbucks. 
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