Is There Any Truth to Libra Stereotypes?

It’s astrology week, which means every white girl is about to pull out their horoscopes with a Starbucks coffee in their hand. The whole divine-terrestrial gig can be overdone, like how many of our Co – Star readings say “past mistakes can teach you how to change” or something basic. Okay, mine does as well but that’s the point!

Fair warning, I do not know much about astrology. But I think I know enough to figure out the different stereotypes applicable to Libras. My knowledge and help from the internet will create a thorough, reliable, and unbiased analysis. I’ve also compiled a list of 11 Libras that I know well (including myself) to challenge these stereotypes. The list has a lot of different personality types on it, too, so this will be interesting.

The first I hear all the time: indecisiveness. This one is extremely true for me. BUT based off others, I’m gonna have to conclude that about half meet this stereotype. Everyone else is strongly opinionated and knows exactly what they want. Some might not voice their opinions, but they know. Another biggie that I hear is that Libras are just. After all, the universal symbol for Libras is a balance scale to represent fairness/justness. This one is definitely accurate… only two didn’t strike me as fair people.


Romantic. Couldn’t this be anybody, though? But since I am only looking at Libras, 7.5/11 were a yes. But another stereotype says charming. We might be romantics, but not charming. That one is false. A more negative stereotype is self-indulgence. The internet suggests that Libras are superficial and a bit materialistic. We get a carried away with external beauty and waste a lot of money on unnecessary luxuries. This one is 100% true. Another that I feel could extend to anyone, though. But everyone on my list is at least some level of self-indulgent. I care about my appearance quite a bit, even though I am a cheapskate. Others care way less about how they look, but they buy so many unnecessary things.

Another stereotype plays off the just and balance one: diplomatic. Libras listen to all sides and perspectives and have a lot of patience. I like to think that I do this, but some people on my list do not. Maybe this extends to a little over half. It is fun to think about people who match these qualities. We are all individuals and different in our own way. But who knows? Maybe there is some truth behind astrology.