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Studying Playlist for Finals Week

Nobody likes studying. It’s hard to stay focused. If you’re like me, music helps you stay on task, especially music without words. I compiled a list of 20 songs (mostly film scores) that I’ve been listening to while studying this semester. 

A good place to start is with Harry Potter. I would listen to all of the soundtracks on repeat if I had the time, but here are a few of my favorite songs. 

Hedwig’s Theme

Harry’s Wondrous World

Christmas at Hogwarts

Harry in Winter

Potter Waltz

A Window to the Past

Professor Umbridge


Then I move to the Game of Thrones soundtracks.  


The Rains of Castamere


The Old Gods And The New


Keeping with the medieval theme, I add a few Lord of the Rings songs. 

The Fellowship Reunited

May It Be


Most of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks are good study fuel too.

He’s a Pirate

Jack Sparrow

Hoist the Colours

Drink Up Me Hearties



While I could fill up a whole playlist with Disney songs, one soundtrack that doesn’t receive much attention is the live action Peter Pan from 2003.  

Main Title (Peter Pan 2003)

Fairy Dance

Sydney Wedbush

Murray State

Sydney Wedbush is a junior English/Creative Writing major at Murray State. When she's not reading or writing for class, she's reading and writing for fun. Want to find her in her natural habitat? Check the book store or library, and make Harry Potter references.
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