How to Throw an Epic Bachelor Finale Party

Has anyone else been watching the most dramatic season of the Bachelor ever? I don’t understand how Cassie can NOT be in love with Colton, and I’ve only seen him from my couch! But for real, Bachelor nights with my roommates get me through long, dreary Mondays. And let me tell you, we’ve learned through countless episodes how to throw a fun and classy Bachelor viewing party.

Bachelor Bingo

For the bachelor premiere, my roommates and I made Bachelor Bingo cards with spots like “someone wears yellow” or “A girl interrupts more than two times.” This was a super interactive way to watch the premiere. Plus, it also kept chatty viewers quiet because they listen up for their spaces! Sadly, I didn’t win, but it was such a fun idea to look out for all of the crazy things that could happen as we watched.

Sparkling Grape Juice or Wine

This is a no brainer, but enjoying the Bachelor while lounging with a classy glass of rosé and a piece of pizza cannot be topped. Grinding out on all of my homework and then relaxing with some well deserved sparkling grape juice is my Monday motivation. My roommates and I also like to make mocktails because only half of us are 21. Our favorite recipe is a virgin strawberry margarita, and it’s even better if you put sugar around the rim of the glass. So refreshing!

Photo courtesy of rawpixel

Bachelor Brackets

Cast your votes and decide who you think will win. You can all vote on the final two, or in this case, the scenario that you think will play out. This is a fun way to try and find out what will happen. Will Colton send Taisha and Hannah home? Will he go after Cassie? Will he end up alone? That’s for you to decide!

Cheese Board

Another classy favorite that has been blowing up on Pinterest and Instagram: the cheese board (or as boujee people call them charcuterie boards). Throw some olives, dried fruits, crackers, bread, salami, or literally anything on top of a cutting board and it automatically turns your dorm room party into an elegant soiree. Each roommate bought a different cheese that was pretty cheap, and then we all got to try them. It was absolutely delicious!

Photo courtesy of John Canelis


A classy letterboard always helps set the mood, plus it looks super great in pictures! Put a cute quote like “Will You Accept This Rosé” or “Bachelor Night” You can also buy a bouquet of roses to put on your coffee table or petals to scatter around. Plus, after the party, you’ll have beautiful fresh flowers to brighten up your room.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When we had our Bachelor premiere party, we made chocolate covered strawberries. It was very messy! Pro tip: you have to keep microwaving the chocolate to keep it from hardening, but after we finally figured that out, they looked so decadent and fun. It really took our snack table to the next level.   


Now that you know how to throw a Chris Harrison approved Bachelor viewing party, I hope you’ll join me in crying over the finale. I’m dying to know what happens! Let’s virtually clink our wine glasses, and make a Hannah B toast to the most epic Bachelor viewing party and the “most dramatic season finale ever.” Cheers!