How To Stay Calm During Finals

Finals are the absolute worst time of the year. You have an exam in every class, plus a research report and final paper. You are so focused on studying that you aren't sleeping or able to give anything else your attention. You need to stay calm. Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Here are my favorite things that help me stay calm during finals! 

Photo courtesy of Robin Roney

1. Essential oils: Oils are my number one go-to for everything! Upset stomach? Peppermint oil. Can't sleep? Lavender oil. Need to calm down and clear your head? Eucalyptus oil! This oil has a purifying property which allows it to clear your airways, give you more oxygen and helps you increase cognitive performance. All you have to do is put a few dabs on your forehead and temples and you're all set! (P.S. it clears up acne too!)

Photo courtesy of Robin Roney​

2. Lotion: Go grab yourself some stress relief lotion and take it with you when you study! It may seem silly that lotion can help you calm down, but it does! It has a mixture of essential oils to benefit your body, mind and mood! It is a must have this finals season. 

Photo courtesy of yogajournal

3. Meditate: Meditation can be weird at first, trust me, but it will be so relaxing. When you find yourself stuck on your final paper, take a break, and go meditate! Find an open room in your house or go outside. Sit criss-cross and clear your mind. This is the hardest part, especially when you are so worried about your finals, but it's the only way to get it to work. Once you've cleared your mind, begin your deep breathing and only focus on that. Meditation is proved to reduce stress, increase creativity and expand consciousness. 

Photo courtesy of Cierra Zwyghuizen

4. Yoga: You may be thinking, isn't yoga just like meditation? In some ways, it is! You really need to concentrate and focus on your breathing while doing both. Yoga is much more physical than meditation is. It really works out your body and flexibility. Yoga is much more than these physical aspects, though. Yoga takes self discipline and control. You won't even be able to be worried about your chemistry final when you're doing the downward dog!

Photo courtesy of Robin Roney

5. Tea: Drink some hot tea! Hot tea curbs your stress and anxiety, while sharpening your memory! Have a cup of tea with you when you're studying. Not to mention, when you get home and are ready to go to bed, grab another cup, so you can sleep peacefully throughout the night. (I prefer green tea with a little bit of honey to make it taste better.)

If you want to stay calm during finals, take my advice! These all help me so much during the most stressful time of the year!