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How To Decorate Your Graduation Cap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Murray State chapter.

Graduation is right around the corner and with that means a graduation outfit and decorating your cap. Finding the perfect quote or picture for your cap can be stressful, which is understandable, it’s a big day. You’ll be in so many pictures and it will be a day to remember forever. Here are a few of our favorite graduation cap ideas!

Photo courtesy of​ Shelby Z Gallery

If your furry companion has been with you through every step of the way, then including them may be important on your graduation day. This cap is perfect for you and your furry best friend. 

Photo courtesy of zazzle.com

If you are wanting to add a little humor to your graduation day, then this cap is perfect for you. You could even change it up and say “I’m so done with this B.S.”. There are plenty of ways to play with this quote if you have a Bachelor of Science. 

Photo courtesy of krystalcal

This cap is absolutely stunning and is perfect for a creative soul. It will shine bright, just like your future.

Photo courtesy of Shay Coffee

Quotes are always a good way to go when decorating your graduation cap. This quote is especially endless and can be remembered so easily.

Photo courtesy of photorik.com

If you are a makeup lover, and winged most of your college career, then you need a design like this. Everyone will know who you are, even as they are sitting in the stands because of the design and bling. 

Photo courtesy of pinimg.com​

If you are lucky enought to have your best friend graduating with you, then you need to follow this Finding Nemo cap idea. It is adorable and you will have your exit buddy by your side. 

Photo courtesy of VSCO​

Everyone will know the reference if you decorate your cap like this. This cap is funny and relatable as everyone knows it’s from Spongebob Squarepants. 

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If you are a teaching major then this is the best idea for you! Have all of your students sign your graduation cap. You can even do this if you aren’t a stdent teacher. Just have all of your best friends or sorority sisters sign your cap, as they were with you along the way. 

Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

Vine may be dead but that doesn’t mean that the Vine references have to be. Make everyone LOL with this graduation cap. 

Cierra is a Michigan native living in Murray, KY. Her major is Public Relations with a minor in Creative Writing. She is a founding member of Delta Zeta Rho Alpha.