Girl Code: Turning 21

Turning 21 is one of the biggest moments of someone’s life. You’re usually in this process of finishing college, taking the first few steps into your dream career, and you are getting ready to embark on life as a true adult-- whatever that could mean for you. However, this is also something that is entirely terrifying but also exciting, and with that in mind, it is easy to forget to take a moment to just stop stressing and enjoy this time period while it lasts. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while you are still in such a wonderful portion of your life.

Don’t Judge Your Own Life Progress Based On Other People

Dwelling on your friend's jobs, accomplishments, grades and relationships will do nothing but make you feel less than what you really are. When you see how everybody is succeeding via Instagram, it can become a dangerous thing and it is better to ignore it. Focusing on your wants and needs should be more important than there’s, and you should be very proud of your own accomplishments and personal successes without feeling a need to compare yourself to others.

Stop Wasting Time On Someone Who Won’t Commit

Move on, stop going back, and date around. Put all of your energies into your friends and family instead. People who make you cry and break your heart are just not worth your effort and love. It is time to enjoy being single and young now because when you meet the love of your life, the energy that you had wasted on the “mess” of a relationship will seem meaningless.

College Might Be The Only Time That You Will Be So Near So Many Of Your Best Friends

Go out with them, sleepover at their places, and have so many late-night talks that you feel like you can’t get out of bed in the morning because these are far and few in between when you get older.

It Is Okay If You Don’t Like Your First Job

It is just a foot in the door and a paycheck. This does not mean that it will be your career-defining job or help you on your way to getting your dream job.

Don’t Assume That You Are Going To Have It Together By 21

If you have not made working out, tidying up, and anything else that is considered “adulting” a habit by the time you turn 21, then you never will. And that is okay.

You Might Have Fewer Friends Than Ever Before, But Don’t Feel Lonely

The friendships that you do have will be deeper and more personal, thus your friends will be more supportive and dedicated to you.

Be Sure To Call Your Mom More Often

You will both benefit from this interaction.

Don’t Freak Out If You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life

You can try and figure out what you like and start moving in that general direction. But do not have a quarter-life crisis thinking that you will never go anywhere in life. No one ever has their whole life planned when they are 21, most don’t even know what they are having for dinner that night.

Communicate With Your Roommates

Just leaving passive-aggressive post-it-notes on the fridge about their messy behavior will not solve anything. Communicate better with your living partners.

Don’t Feel Like You Have To Spend All Of Your Money At The Bars

You have your whole life to spend money at bars. Plus, Costco is a great place to buy your alcohol for cheaper prices!

Turning 21 may seem like this big deal that everyone talks about, but really it is just another year of your life. Don’t let yourself get so beat up about not wanting to go out to the bars and drink till you see stars. Don’t let others make you feel inferior about how much you have, or haven’t, accomplished. Always know that people who are really dedicated to you will always be by your side through everything. 

Girl Code: Whether you want to party or play it safe, turning 21 is different for everybody and so you should enjoy being 21 as your own person and not what everybody else expects.