Girl Code: Cursing

I F***ing love cursing. I’m sure that you even have a favorite curse word, but me, I use them all because I do not want any of them to feel left out. Cursing can be a good thing to use for when you are frustrated or just telling a good story. However, there is a time and place for it and you also need to limit your use sometimes depending on your environment.

Why Cursing Can Be Great

Cursing has been around since humans were able to form words. However, I think it is safe to say that the forms of cursing that we use today have developed far beyond the grunting and noises that our ancestors used to exclaim their anger and disappointments.

I think that my favorite type of swearing by far is swearing from like the 1920s because people back then just used regular words, but the words were said very aggressively. For example,

    “You LIZARD.”

    “Did you just call me a lizard you FLOOZY.”

The horror of old-timey swears is almost laughable.

Limitations Of Cursing

Although cursing can be a good thing for basically anything, there are times where you need to limit your use of this vocabulary. We don’t need little children telling their teacher some new word that they just heard from their parents, neighbors, or just off the streets.

Additionally, you do not want people that you have no other way to articulate yourself other than cursing. It can be easy to just say how angry you are by letting out a stream of curse words because then people really do know that you are furious; however, then they will only think the only way that you can express yourself is through cursing. Sometimes it is best to use just regular words to explain how you are feeling. It is okay to slip a few curses in here and there but it should not be every other word.

Then there is also the time and place you have to think about. Stuck in traffic, curse away. Frustrated by your upstairs neighbors walking with their rock shoes on, go nuts. Stepped on a leggo, you have every right to curse. But when there are children around, if you are in a professional environment, or if it is really just not an appropriate time for cursing, then do not curse. It is better to just think of the curses you want to say in your head then saying them out loud.

Girl Code: Cursing is something that we all do every single day, but it has to be used in moderation, just like everything else.