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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Murray State chapter.

When people ask what my favorite season is, you know what I say? Formal season! It’s the time in college when all organizations have their formals. I’ve gone to ones for my sorority, campus ministry and the honors college. I have my sorority formal this weekend, and I’m so excited. I absolutely love dancing and scream-singing with my friends. I work all semester on keeping up with the pop culture dance trends!

Since I’m a senior, this is my last formal ever, so obviously, I wanted to go out with a bang. My friends and I scoured the internet as well as a multitude of stores to find the perfect formal outfits. To save you the hassle, here’s my list of top 5 thing to wear to your formal. No matter your style, I think I’ve got you covered.

Bold and Flowy

This has been my outfit of choice both last year and this year. This year I’m choosing a flowy red jumpsuit from Asos for around $45. These allow me to dance freely without worrying about my dress. Plus, the coulot legs add a flare of modern fashion that is sure to impress. I’ve decided to pair my simple red jumpsuit with some ginormous tassel earrings and espadrille platforms. This gives it a very summery vibe that I can’t wait to rock!Photo courtsey of asos.com

Preppy and Pretty

Another top contender for me was an applique dresses. This one from anthropologie is sure to be a show stopper. It’s mature because of the fabric and length, but fun because of the 3D flowers. I also became obsessed with this dress because the shape flatters every body type. The A-line dress style takes the attention away from your stomach and make your legs look longer. The white color is simple yet stylish and makes the accessory possibilities endless. I pictured this dress with some classy, lavender heels, a low ponytail, and hoops. So chic!

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.com

Modern and Sleek

The slip dress trend is super in right now. They can feature a v-neck or cowl neckline. This is perfect for a formal that is more fancy. The material of these dresses is so silky and shiny it’s sure to impress your friends. Pair it with a pain of strappy heels and some large gold hoops.

Long and Classy

My roommate ordered this dress from asos, and it looks stunning. Basically, she looks like she’s accepting an award at the Oscars. The halter neckline, slit in the side, and length all serve to elevate this classic black dress. She is pairing it with a red necklace, red tassel earrings, and nude heels.

Photo courtesy of asos.com

Twenties Style

For some reason, I have always loved twenties style dresses. Everything from fringe to fedoras has a unique and vintage touch that is reminiscent of a party! My favorite dresses are shift dresses that are beaded with sequins or ones with fringe that will move when you dance. These are super unique and you can be sure that no one will have the same dress as you.


I hope you all are as excited for formal season as I am! And no matter what you wear it’s the dance moves that really matter, right?

Sarah is a senior Dietetics major. She loves to be involved and keep busy, so you will probably see her drinking an iced coffee. She also enjoys binging HGTv and Food Network.