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Five Fast Low Maintenance Hairstyles

College students don’t have time to wake up extra early and fix our hair. Plus, not only is heat straightening or curling time consuming, it’s also damaging. While a ponytail or a hat are easy fixes, here are five different low maintenance hairstyles to switch it up and save you time in the morning.


Image courtesy of Rudolf Kirchner

Braids are perfect for keeping your hair back and leaving it up all day. My favorite type of braiding is French braiding. Not only is it cute, it’s great for second or third day hair.

Heatless Waves

Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder

If you wash your hair and braid it the night before, when you wake up in the morning and take the braid out you should have beautiful waves. If you’re worried about your hair becoming straight again later in the day, you could always use hairspray or braid your hair in the morning and take it down in the evening. 

Half Updo

Image courtesy of Flickr

This is my personal favorite for when most of my curls are intact but the top layers are frizzy. It’s the perfect way to keep hair off your face without pulling all of it back.


Image courtesy of freestocks.org

A textured bun is a fast way to look effortlessly cute. Don’t worry about making it perfect; just pin flyaways and add an extra hair tie if the bun looks a little too messy. 

Different Hair Part

Image courtesy of fancycrave1

One of the easiest ways to switch up your hair is to part it differently! Some weeks I change my part every day based on if my hair is cooperating. Switching your part should also help add volume.

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