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Eco-Friendly DIY Holiday Decorating

The Holiday season is quickly approaching and I’m ready to start decorating for winter! Maybe it’s my love of Christmas or maybe it’s the urge to get this semester over with as quickly as possible, but either way, I’ve already started thinking about how I’ll decorate this year. Instead of going out and buying new cheap decor from Walmart or Dollar Tree, I’m going to try something different this year and either make or buy any new decor that I want second hand. 


I plan on making my own garland to hang around the apartment this year. My plan is to use dried orange slices which will look really lovely and smell good. All you have to do is slice several oranges and place them on a baking rack in the oven for 4-6 hours on your oven’s lowest setting. One way to check if the oranges are done is to feel for any stickiness. The finished oranges will not be sticky. I plan on sewing fishing line or twine through the oranges once they’re complete but people also use them as ornaments and just use tree hooks to put them on the tree. You can also do this with things like tangerines or blood oranges.

If you’re a crafter and have leftover scraps of fabric, felt, or paper you can also fashion those into a fun and festive garland. 


Ornaments are pretty easy to find at thrift stores. You can sometimes find super cute ones that match your Holiday theme, or just your personal aesthetic. 


You can normally find taper candles at a second-hand shop. These candles have been pretty trendy lately. I plan on buying some along with some fancy gold candelabras to add to the old fashioned Christmas theme I have planned. You might be able to find scented candles there as well if you love candles but are on a budget. 


You can often find wreaths at thrift stores, but they’re also pretty easy to make. You can use a wreath form and floral wire for a natural wreath with greenery or flowers. Depending on what you use, you may need tools such as shears or pliers. But there are so many different ways to make festive wreaths. Martha Stewart has tons of tutorials about wreath making on her website. Try finding one that you can use materials you already have to save money and resources.

Other Trinkets

There are so many hidden gems at consignment stores! You can even find good stuff on Facebook marketplace. Look for items that match the decor you already have. For instance, if you already have brass in some of your items, look for more brass items to go along with them. They don’t necessarily have to be obvious holiday decor either. And you may not find what you want at your first store, don’t give up after your first stop. Some of the best things I’ve found at thrift stores have taken some good digging to find. 

Good luck with your Holiday Decorating! Channel your inner Martha Stewart!


Hannah Kamman

Murray State '22

Hannah Kamman is an elementary education major at Murray State University. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, spending time outside and cuddling with her cat. She is a dance teacher and a tree hugger.
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