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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Murray State chapter.

First, this article is not supported by Venmo or any company. I just feel like I should stress the importance of this app. If you’ve never heard of Venmo, it’s an app that virtually transfers money to family and friends. You can easily link your bank account/card information into the app for withdrawing and depositing.

I know what you’re thinking because I’ve heard it a million times – “There’s no way I’m putting my bank account information into some random app.” Think about how many times you’ve gone online shopping or used some other form of digital payment. It’s not too much different. Of course, there’s always going to be security concerns with any transaction. But Venmo is a popular app and has its own set of security measures.

I use Venmo all the time. Usually, I use it to pay back my friends who split a meal with me or grabbed me a drink on a coffee run. I’ve also used it to pay dues for different extra-curricular activities. I know people who use Venmo to pay their rent. Some parents use it to quickly transfer funds to their kids. There are so many ways to use the app!

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Nobody likes owing money, and that’s the main reason I like this app. I don’t want to owe my friends any money. And I definitely don’t want my friends to owe me anything. My mind is a black hole when it comes to remembering things, so I know I’ll eventually forget who owes me what. That’s why it frustrates me when people don’t have Venmo!

I know it’s petty to get mad about, but I don’t want to keep track of every single “I’ll pay for this since I still owe you $5 from lunch last week” or awkwardly asking, “Hey can you buy my meal for me because you still owe me $20 from last month that you never paid me back?” It’s SO much easier to instantly transfer or request the money through my phone. Everyone carries their phones around with them, so isn’t it easier than making a special trip to an ATM machine to constantly carry cash around? And then you might not even have the correct amount and ugh… I need to stop venting.

Anyway, the Venmo app is super fun and kind of like a social media. With each transaction or request, you can caption it with an emoji or funny phrase. Also, if you receive more money on the app than you’ve spent, it will keep a balance within the app rather than your bank account. So, if someone pays you $200 through Venmo, the balance will be held in the app to withdraw from for any of your future transactions. But if you want it to go into your bank account, you can do that too!

Please just download Venmo for the sake of your Venmo-using friends.

Clare Froehlich

Murray State '19

Clare is a senior Public Relations major at Murray State University. She is the senior editor for her university's Her Campus chapter. She can usually be found at the closest dog park or planning for her next travel destination.