Baby Shark Do Do D-Do

If you have been on the internet in the last week, you have probably heard the "Baby Shark" song a million times. This song has turned into the "In My Feelings Challenge" for parents. So if Drake isn't your style, maybe singing a song for three-year-olds will be more up your alley. How did this song become so popular? The answer: Korea. K-pop has become a global sensation, and many stars in Korea started doing covers of the song. A Korean educational site known as Pinkfong made a YouTube video that has been played over 1.6 billion times. The catchy tune and repetitive lyrics have blown up the internet. The trend then caught on as Americans, fresh from the "In My Feelings Challenge", saw this song as an opportunity to show off their moves. 

Some fans have even become so crazy that they have tattooed the lyrics on themselves. A British teen named Chloe got "Baby Shark do do do do do do" on her arm after a day of drinking for $128. So there you have it. No one has more dedication to "Baby Shark" than Chloe. At 18, this may be fun now, but only time will tell how long it takes for the joke to wear off. My advice: stick to the video and song. 

If baby sharks aren't your style, Pinkfong has just released another song called "Baby Monkey" sang to the same tune as "Baby Shark." The trend shows a great insight into the human experience, and will probably leave future historians baffled.

So what do you think? Are you obsessed with the song like Chloe, just a mild admirer or are you putting in earplugs? As for me, I'm going with the latter and will be listening to something else.