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We all know our astrological sign, but do you know what your sign really means? Are you really what your sign says you are? I used to not believe in astrology until I really did my research and found out that my sign really is me. All of the traits fit me perfectly. It’s actually kind of scary to think that this astrological sign can tell someone so much about me. If you don’t know much about Virgos, then keep on reading because you may be surprised!

Virgos have many strengths, including loyalty, kindness, hardworking and practical. However, with every strength comes a weakness. Our weaknesses are being worrisome, overly critical and all work, but no play. We love to work and put as much on our plate as possible. Nothing ever seems like it is too much. Take it from me; I’m working three jobs and going to school full time. With that being said, I don’t even know what the word fun means any more. We work so much but do we give ourselves a break? Never. 

Virgos pay attention to every single detail, which could be considered a good thing but isn’t always the best. This close attention to detail causes us to keep our emotions to ourself, and closed off to the world. We don’t want everyone to know what we are going through, but we care about what others are going through. Sure, we may rant about life sometimes, but noone ever knows what is truly going on in our heads. When we are feeling our emotions, we feel them hard, almost as if it is our first time experiencing it. When I am happy, I am sky high happy, but when I am down, it is so dark. 

We are practical so we like things to be organized. Many virgos will be extremely OCD, like me. We can get easily hung up on the details, wanting everything to be perfect, whether it be the clothes in our closet or our life plan. Even when our life is chaotic, we have a clear vision of what is to come from what is going on. This can cause us to become overly critical, our weakness, to what is going on, even if that thing doesn’t seem to matter to anyone else. Does my bed really have to be made and the pillows in a perfect position before I go to bed? Yes, they do. Does my boyfriend care? Never. 

Virgos are great communicators. We have a well developed sense of writing and speech, which causes many of us to pursue careers where we can enact on those strengths. Writers, journalists, editors, public relations and typists are all careers we tend to pursue. I am a great example of this, as I am finishing school with a degree in Public Realtions and a minor in Creative Writing. We thrive when we are serving others, putting them in our world, being their caregiver. We gain a clear mission and we aim to tell it to the world. 

If you seek the good in everybody, even if they end up doing you wrong, then you are a proven Virgo. We want justice for those who have been wrongly convicted and always search for purity in the world. We don’t want to believe that anyone has bad intentions and when it does happen, we struggle with it. Once a Virgo has been proven wrong with the goodness of humankind too many times, they will pull away, often getting lost in substance abuse or end up being cut off from the world. 

Trust takes a long time to build with a Virgo, as we are so critical and we won’t open up until you earn that trust. We prefer stable relationships, rather than just hooking up. We want that special someone to make us feel worthy and beautiful. Once we are in that relationship, we won’t have direct statements of love, but instead our own love language, full of emotional expression that the world usually doesn’t see. 

I don’t know about you, but all of these qualities fit me perfectly. If you’re a Virgo and you’re reading this, don’t get scared like I did. This is your astrological sign for a reason. Embrace it and be proud to be a Virgo!

Cierra is a Michigan native living in Murray, KY. Her major is Public Relations with a minor in Creative Writing. She is a founding member of Delta Zeta Rho Alpha. 
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