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Am I the only one who misses the days when Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale and Justice were the go-to stores to stop in at the mall? And what ever happened to that UGG fad? Because those shoes were cute, comfy and I spent $180+ , so my poor self is still trying to get her money’s worth. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of styles come and go, and any styles that are popular now are likely to be considered “unfashionable” by the time I wear them out in public again.

So, instead of coming up with new ideas to grab someone’s attention, why not make the once fashionable, fashionable again?

Here are 7 styles that I think NEED to be brought back.

Photo via Pietra Schwalzer on Unsplash

1.One Piece Swimsuits (1940’s)

When most people think of one piece swimsuits they typically think of their childhood, but for myself, one piece swimsuits remind me of being a sophomore in high school and trying to flirt with the hot guy in my class with my underdeveloped boobs and acne all over my face. But, if you think about it, one pieces are actually super flattering. And just because you wear a one piece doesn’t mean you can’t look like super hot. My favorite one pieces are the ones that show a little bit of the stomach area, they are mysterious and exenuate all the right curves.

2. Flare Pants (1970’s)

Speaking of curves, almost every woman nowadays is obsessing over improving their curves. First of all, stop that because everyone’s body is unique and different and some people have more curves than others. ACCEPT YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE. I’m a stick, so I try really hard to show off what little curves I do have and let me tell you that flare pants are the way to go. When I wear mine, I feel like I’m on “Say Yes to the Dress” trying on those mermaid style gowns. Plus, flare pants typically come in beautifully colored patterns. For a future educator like myself who has to dress up all the time for work, flare pants make for an easy way to wear pants as opposed to a dress or skirt.

3. Scrunchies (1980’s-1990’s)

LADIES & GENTS HIGH PONIES ARE BACK and what better way to show off a new hairdo than with a new colored scrunchie. Sure, when you take them off of your head you can’t put them on your wrist like a normal ponytail holder, but they make a statement that should make you never wanna take them off.

4. Crocs (2004)

I don’t care what anyone says, but crocs are my LIFE. I wear them everywhere and can usually be seen on someone’s snapchat story rocking my bad boys. Don’t you guys remember how comfy these were? They even have winter crocs and sandal crocs. AND LET’S NOT FORGET THOSE JIIBETZ. The biggest shoe fad this past decade has been Birkenstocks and I was never really a fan, but the shoes have the same general appeal to them.

5. The Color Yellow (1960’s-1970’s)

When people think of the color yellow, they think of highlighter yellow and immediately shut down all of yellow’s potential in their wardrobe. Yellow is my favorite color and honestly, I think it can look good on anyone. Mustard yellow is the most appealing yellow because it goes well with almost every hair and skin color. And although mustard yellow is generally a fall/winter color, I easily apply it in the spring and summer seasons with my raincoat and booties. Not only is it a cute color to wear, but when you’re out with your girlfriends, you are more likely to stand out. Yellow is a very approachable color and the guy will be more likely to remember the girl wearing yellow than he will if she’s in any other color.

6. Off-Shoulder Tops (1980’s)

There’s something so carefree and beautiful about any off shoulder shirt. The best thing about these shirts are that they underline a girl’s best features. For example, I don’t have the biggest boobs, but because they are naturally flowy in nature, they don’t show off your chest, rather they show off my toned, broad shoulders. And if you want that tee shirt feel but need to look nice, off shoulder tops are the way to go.

Photo via Matheus Frrero on Unsplash

7.) Overalls (1870’s-1880’s)

What is with people thinking that overalls are too “hillbilly?” I go to school in the South and I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one who actually owns a pair and I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. I have a lot of crop tops that I wear at school, but know I cannot wear at home because my mother will judge me, but overalls can fix that issue. They’re basically like a denim romper and let’s be real, those are SO CUTE.

Thumbnail image via Hannah Busing on Unsplash 

Michaela Molnar

Murray State '20

Michaela is a Senior Elementary Education major at Murray State University. She’s a Sagittarius, Enneagram type 7, the future owner of a pug named Porkchop & her favorite color is yellow. She has aspirations to teach in the city & plans to finish writing her first book by the end of this year. A fun fact about Michaela is that she has sung on stage with Foreigner.