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5 Spooky Snacks for your College Halloween Party

Halloween. It’s the kick off to the best time of year! The best weather, the best movies, ALL THE BEST FOOD! Here is a list of some quick, easy recipes you can make on campus for your college Halloween parties!

Scary Spider Deviled Eggs – an easy way to spook anyone who hates spiders, these deviled eggs are a super fun spin on the classic finger food! Here’s the recipe from Genius Kitchen.


Bad to the bone Ham and Cheese sandwiches – who doesn’t love sandwiches? Another Genius Kitchen recipe, these miniature sandwiches can be made into any kind of sandwich! (I think I’d have to go with the classic peanut butter and jelly on this one.) 

Graveyard Dirt – An old classic. And you thought it was just for kids? All you need is some pudding, Oreo cookies, and some Halloween themed candy. Super easy. Super tasty. 

Photo by Julia Gilman 

Vampire Donuts – This is about as easy as it gets. Go buy some glazed donuts and get to decorating! Here’s the recipe, from She Knows. (And let me tell you, she really does know.)

Witches Brew  – It wouldn’t be a party without some punch, right? Here’s a recipe for a non-alcoholic option, but for the 21 and up crowd? A little booze never hurt. 

And there you go! Five spooky Halloween themed snacks that are sure to up the spook-fest of any Halloween party! If you make any of these recipes, tweet us a picture, we’d love to share what you guys come up with! (@HCMurrayState)


Jordyn Rowland

Murray State '19

Jordyn is a public relations major and film studies minor at Murray State University, where she has been for three years as an undergraduate student. She is an avid watcher of anything created by Shonda Rhimes, but her favorite is by far Grey's Anatomy. She enjoys traveling... a lot. Her favorite places so far are Los Angeles and Berlin. She really loves her dog and would adopt 50 more if she wasn't allergic. Jordyn's plans include running her own TV show and trying every drink on the menu (including the hidden one!) from Starbucks. 
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